1. J

    Tank Stocking

    Hi, I’m almost done cycling my 10 gallon tank. I believe my filter is rated for up to 20 gallons and same with my heater. I’m wondering if stocking with two neon tetras, one Dalmatian platy, and one molly fish will be too much. I went by the original inch to gallon rule and figured this would...
  2. N

    Cycling and API water testing

    Hello there. I am cycling a tank for the first time, its 15l, supposed to be for a beta. Now, I have it up and running on and off for about a month now, but since I was away for a week and electricity stopped working while I was away, I changed the whole water- so now the tank is running with...
  3. I

    Cycling 47L tank when I have a 130L established tank

    Wondering if I could get some advice about how to speed up cycling my new empty 47L tank when I have a fully established healthy 135L tank. I have: AquaOne 620T 135L with Fluval 305 external filter + built in filter. The fluval filter has two canisters of ceramic beads, been going for years...
  4. Aynia

    Cycle not finishing - Fish dying - Help!

    Hey all, brand new here and fairly new to the fish keeping hobby. We always had fish growing up, and I had betta's in university, but it hasn't been until the last few months that I've really been diving into the hobby and learning as much as I can. About 2 months ago we got a brand new 38gal...
  5. Jan Cavalieri

    What is going on with this tank

    It's Jan again - long story ahead, I know you love it: I recently purchased a new tank to break up a group of peaceful and aggressive Gourami's as well as most likely purchase a few new fish. So purchased a new 29 gal glass tank. It has a lovely heater I've been keeping at about 78 degrees, a...
  6. A

    Cycle help urgent, im at the end but not sure what to do next

    hi everyone, im cycling a 20 gallon high fishless. These are my readings and why i am lost amonnia : .25 nitrite : 0 Nitrate : 40/80 am i cycled or not? or if not, what do i do next? im super lost on why i still have .25 ammonia left in there. Also im using API test kit.
  7. N

    First time Betta Owner, nitrogen cycling??

    I have never had a fish before and just purchased a betta from Petco two days ago. The person helping us at Petco assured us bettas are low maintanence and all we need is distilled water and a tank of any size. We used distilled water and a 2.2 gallon tank. Upon further research apparently it's...
  8. HalfTailedOwner

    Did I Cycle Correctly? If so, What Next?

    Just wondering--after my betta died, I want to ensure that the tank is completely suitable for a new one to live in (if I get one in the next few weeks). The koi carp is still in my tank, until I find him a new home... I've grown attached to him but my tank isn't the best place for him. However...
  9. S

    Hi, everyone

    Hi, my name is Raj and I am brand new to this fish keeping world. I am cycling my new 54 litre tank but the progress is very slow. I have added in API QuickStart and nothing much has happened apart from 1.0ppm of nitrite being shown when I test the tank water. Would I be able to use the whole...
  10. C

    Tank Cycling

    So, I have tank set up and am beginning to cycle. In using ammonia that is only mixed with water (shake tested and read contents) and am using API quick start which has live bacteria. I put a little of the ammonia followed by the bacteria and have waited around 24 hours and tested. There was...
  11. HalfTailedOwner

    Betta Fish Isn't Swimming a lot

    Hi, I am a new fish owner... but before I'll start I'll provide some information on the betta habitat: Tank temp: 26C Tank size: 10 Gallons The betta fish is the only fish in the tank Water is dechlorinated Has a biofilter Has a heater Has an air pump The betta does eat However, when it...
  12. C

    Stubborn Ammonia?

    I can’t figure out what’s up with this tank! It’s 10 gallons and has been set up for several months. I know it’s cycled because there was a nitrite spike a couple months ago followed by nitrate. Both are now at zero (the frogbit keeps the nitrate at zero even though my tap water has nitrate!)...
  13. P

    Fish-in Cycling w/ Betta and ADFs; help ASAP!!!

    So I think we messed up. We got a new Betta fish(Keanu) and six ADFs the other day, and literally this morning I found out about cycling... The Betta is in the 3.5 gallon, and we have two tanks. We've got three ADFs in each, and the Betta in one, with the intent of getting another betta for the...
  14. M

    Guppy help

    hello, I recently got 2 fish tanks and started phsycling them. I had 4 guppies and a snail in one tank and in the other I had 2 mollies a snail and 2 guppies. In one of my tanks both of my mollies died. That startled me so I moved my other fish (the guppies and the snail) to the other tank...
  15. M

    Guppy help

    hello, I recently got 2 fish tanks and started phsycling them. I had 4 guppies and a snail in one tank and in the other I had 2 mollies a snail and 2 guppies. In one of my tanks both of my mollies died. That startled me so I moved my other fish (the guppies and the snail) to the other tank...
  16. Annemarie

    Ammonia stuck at 1

    Hello! So a family member of mine decided to purchase a fish tank for my sister for Christmas. They got her a 3 gallon (after I told them months in advance a 1 gallon would not be enough) and small 2.5 inch betta. They set up the tank with her on Christmas, put in water that had been left out...
  17. MortisiaDowler

    Brown algae?

    Hello everyone? I am currently cycling a 3 week 30lt biorb tube tank with 2 sailfin mollies (one of them just gave birth to 15 little ones just this morning). I have noticed that the past 3 days brown algae has appeared on the artificial plants I have. I was wondering if its normal or something...
  18. M

    Soon to adopt 2 mature blood parrots- any advice please?

    Hi everyone! I am getting a 240 litre Aqua One Aquatica tank delivered next week, to house 2 BP I fell in love with at my local fish store. They were trade-ins that had been sitting in a small holding tank at the store for months. Apparently they were badly neglected and sick when they came to...
  19. L

    Jumpstarting a Cycle

    Hello, I have an already established betta tank and I am about to start cycling a new 20H gallon next week. I watched a video on youtube from someone who has been in the hobby for a long time, and he said something about using 100% polyester quilt batting ( in case you were wondering) as an...
  20. LyraGuppi

    Where to go next

    I'm cycling a 10 gallon. It's heavily planted, with its plants, driftwood, filter, and substrate all from established aquariums. Here's the levels so far: Where do I go next with this aquarium?