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  1. S

    I think 2 of my day old guppy fry may be chimera.

    This sounds silly but I'm not only new to guppy breeding but I also cannot think up another explanation. Thanks for your time! (I'll get more photos in a bit as I am busy today)
  2. AilyNC

    Water change now or wait? Fish in Cycle mayhem

    Hey :) You can read about my initial catastrophe here when I lost my Molly and learned about cycling a tank too late. At this point I'd tank about 5 weeks & lost 4 fish. Thanks to all the help in that thread. https://www.fishforums.net/threads/sick-molly.462043/ I've now lost fish number 5...
  3. Tegz

    First fishy friends

    Hi all I hope that everyone is well. I'm a28 year old graphic designer from cape town south Africa and this tank sits on my desk I got my first tank 2 weeks ago and have loved every second of having it. It's a 3.2 gallon (not a great start I know but space was very limited I have a bigger...
  4. grymeths

    Getting a new tank and need a second opinion

    Hello fellow fishkeepers! This is going to be a long post so please bear with me! I am new to fishkeeping - used to have them when i was younger but wasn't really paying attention, and was just reintroduced into this world again a few weeks ago! Unfortunately i currently only have a 5 gallon...
  5. E

    Electric Blue Crayfish Tankmates

    Hello! I’ll soon be stocking a 75g tank as a beginner and hope to keep an electric blue crayfish from the local pet store. It’s very small (<2 inches) and currently living with various smaller fish. What kind of fish would be safe to keep with it? Here are some of the species I was considering...
  6. M

    Guppy help

    hello, I recently got 2 fish tanks and started phsycling them. I had 4 guppies and a snail in one tank and in the other I had 2 mollies a snail and 2 guppies. In one of my tanks both of my mollies died. That startled me so I moved my other fish (the guppies and the snail) to the other tank...
  7. M

    Guppy help

    hello, I recently got 2 fish tanks and started phsycling them. I had 4 guppies and a snail in one tank and in the other I had 2 mollies a snail and 2 guppies. In one of my tanks both of my mollies died. That startled me so I moved my other fish (the guppies and the snail) to the other tank...
  8. F

    Sick Betta. HELP!

    My betta fish, Clifford, is in a 3.5 gallon tank with a heater and filter (and two moss balls). Last week I noticed blackish fin edges vs. his normal white fin edges. I suspected fin rot so I put him on tetra lifeguard and have been doing 50% water changes every day, at the end of treatment he...
  9. V

    Shrimp fighting? meeting? whats happening?

    Hi. so i have had a Bamboo shrimp for a while now and thought to get it a companion. Yesterday i bought an Arnoured shrimp ( the worker told me theyre the same just as different name - alright then). They were fine all night and all day today, hiding in their decor. However while doing a 25%...
  10. KateeR

    New Betta is hanging out at the top of tank

    Hello, I got my first betta (Mr Fiji) yesterday, I'm new to owning fish and I'm a bit worried because he's spending most of his time at the top of his tank. He was healthy when I got him (despite being kept in a tiny betta bowl): he had a bubble nest going and no fin or tail rot, and yesterday...
  11. P

    New to the forum.

    Hi guys, I am new to this hobbie and have had a fish tank since July, I have a tropical set up with a filter and pump. Fish I have at the moment platty male and femal which has given birth to 15/20+. 1 neon tetra and a red tail shark. For the past couple of days things are going fine but I...
  12. M

    10 gallon fish tank stocking ideas and cycling tips

    Hi Guys, I'm new to fish keeping and have got a 10-gallon tropical tank that I'm about to cycle and wondered if you guys could give me any stocking advice. I also wanted some sort of algae eater and some shrimp in there too, if possible. Unfortunately, you can't get ammonia where I live so I...
  13. A

    Tank Stocking Aggression Issues & Fish ID help?

    Hi All, Tried my hand at salt water fish a few years back and let's just say I'm better off here LOL! Any how, I've had my 29g Biocube running for about 2 months now (recycled from the saltwater experience) About a month ago I stopped at Petsmart and bought some cheap fish in case any died in...
  14. Z

    Help With ICH

    Hi, Still pretty new to the hobby with a 10gal freshwater tank. We noticed today that our tetra was showing small signs of possible ICH. We went ahead and got a two quarantine tanks to be safe. One to treat the tetra and the other to house the rest of the fish while our display tank heats up to...
  15. N

    Confused about testing

    Hi all! I'm interested in starting an acquarium but I'm a little confused about water testing. There is a lot of different information about test strips and drops out there. So I have a few questions: - Is it hard to monitor chemical levels in your water/is it a pain? - Are there any good...
  16. S

    Rainbow shark acting weird.. help?

    I’ve had a rainbow shark for 3 days now.. he still hasn’t turned fully black and he barely swims around. He’s in one position floating for hours and I’m concerned something is wrong. I’ve seen him eating algae but ever so often. My tank is 25l (I am aware this is small, I will upgrade to a...
  17. D

    Angelfish at surface - please help!

    I brought home muy first two angels yesterday along with 3 hatchets to fill my 30gal bowfront. I lost my last fish (except my 3 Cory cats) a few days ago and that's why I decided to get my new angels. They've been doing great, very active yesterday and today, but this evening they are chewing...
  18. B

    Male or female guppy?

    Hi I'm just wondering how to tell if a guppy is a male or female? I got two guppies from the pet shop today and was told that they are both males. After taking to a friend she said that The lighter (pink/white) coloured one is a female. Thanks in advance!
  19. E

    New to tropical!! Advice???

    hey!! I am new to this forum! So I am soon to be buying a 100L tank and will be going freshwater tropical. I have never had tropical before, but I hope to make it look as cool as possible, only problem is that I'm not sure what fish are best suited for each other etc. :fish: I've recently...
  20. I

    Questions about Transport and General Worries

    Okay newbie here, please bear with me and my abundance of silly questions. :) I recently got a young male betta (Last week), and i got him mainly as company for when i go off to school in the fall. I will be staying in residence throughout the week and coming home most weekends unless there's...