Male or female guppy?

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Jul 30, 2017
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Hi I'm just wondering how to tell if a guppy is a male or female? I got two guppies from the pet shop today and was told that they are both males. After taking to a friend she said that The lighter (pink/white) coloured one is a female. Thanks in advance!


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I can't tell from that picture, but you should be able to sex them yourself.

You need to look at the anal fin; that's the one on the fish's belly, just in front of its tail. Female livebearers (mollies, platies, guppies) have a normal, fan shaped, anal fin.

Males have that fin modified into a rod-like structure known as a gonopodium, that they use like a penis.

You must bear in mind that all livebearers are born looking female and the males develop the gonopodium as they mature, so sometimes you might buy a young fish that looks female and only shows up as a male later.
I can tell from the picture that they are both male. They both got a gonopodium (pointed anal fin).

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