Are these guppy’s just a mixture or are either a strain

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Jan 5, 2023
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Hi ,

I am just starting to explore breeding some guppies more for interested at the minute . I am just wondering if these fish are a particular type ?

I have this male which I purchased just because I thought he was unique . Is he any particular type ? Picture isn’t great but he has a very light blue top fin and some pigment on his side which is (pink yellow orange )colours and a grey body . I have guys had some fry which I suspect he will have fathered some so will be interested to see their colouration when they grow .

Then I have some fry (6 week old ) I breed the female was a yellow lace pattern she breed to an unknown male . All the fry so far with colour look very similar to each other . They have a blue scale ting , a dark blue colour spot similar to the unrelated male and a yelllow pattern tail whilst they could still be developing they don’t have the same lace pattern as the female . I know they could still change but all the suspected males look identical to one another . Are they a specific type of guppy ?!



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They look like endler/guppy mutts to me. The one on the right looks like it has some tiger endler and maybe Japanese blue endler(?). The one on the left has some guppy but might be crossed with endlers too.

Editing to add that @emeraldking is the expert on these, so I am just giving my opinion until he can weigh in.
Pic#1 is phenotypically a tuxedo platinum mosaic male. Crossing shorttailed endlers with a delta fancy guppy can result in shortailed (mostly round or spadetailed) male offspring.
Pic#2 is phenotypically a socalled snakeskin or cobra endler hybrid. Not perfect but still recognizable as a cobra or snakeskin endler hybrid.

Both are not that rare to be honest. But that doesn't matter for it's more important whether you like them yourself or not. If you wanna breed them, go for it, I'd like to say...👍

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