1. F

    Help identifying male guppies

    Hello, I’m unsure if these red tuxedo x guppies are male, they’re a few months old but exhibit signs of both sex: As you can see they have stripes on their body and what looks like gonopodiums that they move around (left, right, tucked) as they swim. It’s also hard to see the gravid spot because...
  2. Ama

    Help me to determine my angel's gender

    How can i identify angel's sex I know it is difficult to identify, could anybody help me to find out?:)
  3. Chelipe831

    2 new platy fish wondering there gender ?

    Hello recently purchased a couple new fish for my aquarium was wondering if anyone can help me identify the gender of the fish? (photo below)
  4. Chelipe831

    What is the gender of my Dalmatian lyre tail balloon molly?

    So I have a 20 gallon tank I will be putting a new Dalmatian Molly into but was wondering what is the gender of the fish?
  5. MyFishKaren

    What Sex Are My Angelfish?

    I have two angelfish, I am thinking of getting another but don't know if Im restricted based on their sexes. I have three questions: What are their sexes? If they are M/F, can they breed? And, should I caution myself as to the sex of a third angel fish?
  6. J

    Is my dwarf gourami female??!!

    Hey all! My post yesterday was me trying to find a place to purchase a female dwarf gourami to go with my male. I could not find any locally-or so I thought. My school is far away and along the hour drive there is a petco. I went on my way back and the guy there said he had what he thought was a...
  7. B

    Male or female guppy?

    Hi I'm just wondering how to tell if a guppy is a male or female? I got two guppies from the pet shop today and was told that they are both males. After taking to a friend she said that The lighter (pink/white) coloured one is a female. Thanks in advance!
  8. TDarrell9

    Dwarf Gourami male or female ?

    Hi, I recently purchased a couple of Dwarf Gourami from my local UK aquarium shop, I'm not sure if someone can see if i have 1 male and 1 female, any ideas ? If so any tips for breeding, seem to have plenty of mollies breeding, I know they are quite easy to breed as they are live breeders and...
  9. D

    Cherry Shrimp, Male or Female?

    Can someone help me identify this cherry shrimp to see whether it is a female or male. It is the one that has the white thing on the top of it.
  10. entefan_li

    Can someone help me identify my blue bettas gender?

    I have this beautiful betta fish. Can someone help me identify the gender? -Thanx
  11. entefan_li

    Help me identlify my red bettas gender.

    Currently have a red betta and is very aggresive. I wonder what the gender is.
  12. entefan_li

    Help me identify my betta.

    I find that my betta is a male, but they sold me a female. Im kind of confused. If someone can help who knows about the subject, it would be awesome.
  13. E

    Male Molly pregnant?

    This molly was bought two or three weeks ago and I chose her because she was a girl. Then after a week or so I looked again and thought I must have been mistaken. I have since read that it is possible for the fish to be a 'late bloomer' or even to change gender. But now she/he looks pregnant or...
  14. K

    Who Can Identify The Gender Of These Two Angel Fish?

    Hello everyone!  I have two angle fish that my wife bought about 18 months ago and were told that they were a male and female...not necessarily paired.  I didn't know anything about angels then so we took the guys word.  Now I've researched sexing angelfish, and have come to the conclution that...
  15. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Sexing This Platy?

    Hey Guys!   I was wondering for any help sexing this Red Wag Platy. Its fin is wider than other males but sharper than other females. Any help? Thanks in advance!
  16. jecolaco

    What Is The Gender Of My Palm Squirrel?

    Hi, I would like to know the gender of my palm squirrel.     Thanks, edmond
  17. Amyprunes

    Creamsicle Molly Behavior

    I have a few questions about 2 creamsicle mollies that I just added to my community tank. I have a 55 gallon tank currently inhabited by 6 fruit tetras, 1 angelfish, an upside down catfish, 2 plecos and 2 gold panda mollies that we added 3 weeks ago. The rest of them we have had for at least a...
  18. P

    Help Determining Betta's Gender

    Hey folks!   I'm quite new to these forums and I just adopted two young bettas from a friend who no longer could care for them.  He bought them from Petco in the "baby betta" cups (which I've come to understand is highly looked down upon by many people through a little research).  I have since...
  19. LovelyLoaches

    Gold Dojo Loaches. Boys Or Girl?

    I have three gold dojo loaches but I don't know their gender. Two are younger and one is pretty big. How can I tell of they are boys or girl?
  20. A

    Please Help Me To Identify The Gender Of My Molly! (Photo)

    Hi,   Please help me to identify the gender of my Molly bought last week, I'm new into hobby, LPS did not know if it was male or female! Thanks