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  1. G

    Is my angel a male or female

  2. I

    Honey gourami gender and behaviour enquiry

    We have just added 2 honey gouramis to our 65 litre tank. We are new to fish keeping. Can anyone tell me if they are male or female? I have attached pictures They have pretty much constantly been following each other around and tapping each other with their ventral fins since introducing over...
  3. L

    Male or female danio?

    Hi, I'm new here (and I'm also new to caring for fishes). I've got 5 zebra danios and I would like to know their genders. Here's what they look like:  (I know... Naming them abcde is so mean hahahaha but I've got no other way) So please let me know who's a male and who's a female. Thank...
  4. A

    Platy looks female... sometimes

    I know how to tell the difference between a male and female platy. But this platy confuses me. It swims around like its a male, but that anal fin sometimes moves and spreads open like a female. It's hard to see, but there is a bit of a web between the body and the anal fin. The web isn't as...
  5. C

    Bristlenose female or male?

    Hi, I did post about this bristlenose a couple of weeks ago. I had a hunch it was male when bought as female. Since a couple of weeks ago, his/her bristles have grown even more. And grown on his/her head - which by my understanding would mean it was male but I’m no expert so wanted to check to...
  6. A

    Have they given me a female? Please help me sex my Endler

    I have an established planted tank with all male Endlers, I bought some more fish today from the same place as before and was reassured they are all males as they don’t keep females. I was a bit confused because the first time I bought the fish the guy spent ages fishing out only males but now...
  7. C

    Bristlenose female or male?

    Hi, Please could I have some help sexing my bristlenose? He/She is around 8cm. It was bought as a female blue eyed bristlenose but with the bristles I’m a bit concerned that she is a he. Sorry for the terrible photos. If you need more in different angles please just let me know. Thanks in...
  8. Phalloceros

    Gender fire mouth cichlids

    Hi all, I have 4 thorichthys meeki (fire mouth cichlids) in my 130 gallon tank, they are about 3inches now, so the gender should be visible? fish 1 (female?) Fish 2 (female?) fish 3 (male?) Fish 4 (no clue) All of them together: I would like to have both genders, how many of what gender...
  9. M

    What gender are my German blue rams?

    Hey. I just recently got these two young rams. I tried to look up the difference between male and female and I have an idea, but certain thing are throwing me off. The darker one (I think it is a male) is darker, it has a longer dorsal fin in the front, the bottoms of its pelvic fins are darker...
  10. S

    Golden Gourami help!

    Hi all, new member so thanks for having me. I am hoping you can help with figuring out the gender of the gouramis we have please as we have 3 and one of them is attacking both a female and a male, but I am unsure if the aggressive one is male or female! We thought it was a female but maybe not...
  11. M

    Are those Betta fish male or females?

    Are they males or females and can I put them together?
  12. F

    Help identifying male guppies

    Hello, I’m unsure if these red tuxedo x guppies are male, they’re a few months old but exhibit signs of both sex: As you can see they have stripes on their body and what looks like gonopodiums that they move around (left, right, tucked) as they swim. It’s also hard to see the gravid spot because...
  13. Ama

    Help me to determine my angel's gender

    How can i identify angel's sex I know it is difficult to identify, could anybody help me to find out?:)
  14. Chelipe831

    2 new platy fish wondering there gender ?

    Hello recently purchased a couple new fish for my aquarium was wondering if anyone can help me identify the gender of the fish? (photo below)
  15. Chelipe831

    What is the gender of my Dalmatian lyre tail balloon molly?

    So I have a 20 gallon tank I will be putting a new Dalmatian Molly into but was wondering what is the gender of the fish?
  16. MyFishKaren

    What Sex Are My Angelfish?

    I have two angelfish, I am thinking of getting another but don't know if Im restricted based on their sexes. I have three questions: What are their sexes? If they are M/F, can they breed? And, should I caution myself as to the sex of a third angel fish?
  17. J

    Is my dwarf gourami female??!!

    Hey all! My post yesterday was me trying to find a place to purchase a female dwarf gourami to go with my male. I could not find any locally-or so I thought. My school is far away and along the hour drive there is a petco. I went on my way back and the guy there said he had what he thought was a...
  18. B

    Male or female guppy?

    Hi I'm just wondering how to tell if a guppy is a male or female? I got two guppies from the pet shop today and was told that they are both males. After taking to a friend she said that The lighter (pink/white) coloured one is a female. Thanks in advance!
  19. TDarrell9

    Dwarf Gourami male or female ?

    Hi, I recently purchased a couple of Dwarf Gourami from my local UK aquarium shop, I'm not sure if someone can see if i have 1 male and 1 female, any ideas ? If so any tips for breeding, seem to have plenty of mollies breeding, I know they are quite easy to breed as they are live breeders and...
  20. D

    Cherry Shrimp, Male or Female?

    Can someone help me identify this cherry shrimp to see whether it is a female or male. It is the one that has the white thing on the top of it.