1. K

    Are my silver mollies pregnant?

    I have 2 silver mollies both I purchased recently. They are big and have squarish bellies. Wondering if they are possibly pregnant and if so how do I care for the fry?
  2. Tanya farrell

    Please help me with my mollie

    I think my mollie might have white spots can someone clarify it for me please ? If so can I treat her with the treatment whiles she is pregnant? Is she has it does the other fish and well I have to do the tank ? Thank you
  3. L

    Pregnant or not

    Are they pregnant or not??
  4. GoodGollyMissMolly

    Stressed Out Pregnant Balloon Molly

    Hello all, in new here. I've just came to ask for some assistance. I recently started back up my 10 gallon tank after having moved to a new location. I had kept the water going in the tank along with the air stone and the filter, so the water didn't go stagnant. A couple days ago I got the...
  5. S

    Series of deaths in our tank...

    However none of the deaths seem to be the same, Tank Overview: Running for 1 year 5 months 80L Tank (though bought thinking it was 100L, advertised secondhand incorrectly) possibly over crowding Fluval 306 external Filter Fish in the tank leading up to this post: 1 Pleco 4 Cardinal Tetras 4...
  6. C

    What types of fish can I choose for my 20 gallon aquarium

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon aquarium and I am looking at starting a community freshwater tank, I am a beginner so I am looking for easy fish. I was looking at Platies and Mollies yesterday, and I thought maybe I could add 4 mollies and 4 platies to my tank. So far that is all I have. I want my tank...
  7. C

    Breeding Mollies

    Hey everyone, I have a male/female pair of mollies in my tank, and I'm curious as to how easily they breed. Do they need a breeding process or will they breed on their own? Are there any telltale signs to look out for that shows they'll spawn soon? Also, if they do breed on their own, how will i...
  8. W

    Mollies playing in bubbles?

    So I got four (4) mollies several weeks ago and added them to my established tank. Cycled tank and no fighting, added some seachem stability and everything went well. My three females are all pregnant, and this leads to question one. 1. Will my male pestering the females hurt them at all or is...
  9. StephanieHinsley


    So I currently have only one fish in a 25-30 gallon tank of brackish water. He's a silver Molly with black spots named Rorik, and ever since his mom died, he's been alone. As a social fish, I worry about him, so I've been thinking about getting him a few tank mates. I'm trying to be careful, one...
  10. Guppy_molly_love

    Goldfish And Gupiies/mollies...risk?

    Most of my goldfish died, leaving two. My family wanted to buy some guppies and mollies because they breed a lot and we like it but my dad wanted koi fish, because he was afraid that the guppy fries would get eaten by the goldfish. Please reply:  Should we buy guppies...
  11. E

    Dalmatian Mollies Taken Ill

    I have an established 30 gallon community tank. Around a few weeks to a month ago I added a couple female dalmatian mollies. One immediately gave birth and the fry are in a small breeder at the top of my tank. A few days ago the one female started swimming oddly and floating at the top of...
  12. F

    New Silver Mollies

    Hey everyone! I just thought I'd create a log to show the breeding of mollies and the community interactions in my 20 gallon aquarium.  I recently added 6 silver mollies to the bunch so now the tank is stocked as follows:  1 male skirt tetra, 1 female skirt tetra, 1 bleeding heart tetra, 3...
  13. D


    I have a marble molly who i cant tell the sex. they wee fine earlier today and then i came home and they were laying at the bottom of the tank. I isolated them in a cup and theyre trying to eat but sink everytime they try to swim. What can I do? Im really concerned and dont want to lose them.
  14. Animal Lover 2000

    Ok, New Plan

    i currently have platies and guppies and a couple endlers and also an endler guppy cross i think but anyways im thinking of selling my guppies and getting mollies instead i also want to keep 2 of my current fish one is an endler one is the endler x guppy but everyone else is being sold as a...
  15. P

    Are My Mollies And Platys Pregnant?

    i'm not a beginner but i'm definitely not advanced yet, but i'm really excited cuz i'm pretty sure these 2 fish are both pregnant =D, i have 2 pics of my molly (sold to me as a golden panda lyre tail molly, can anyone tell me if that's right based on the pictures cuz she's ALOT more black than...
  16. L

    Livebearing Tank And All My Issues.

    To start, my name is Melissa.  I live in Iowa, USA.  I have lots of tanks over the years, my first was when I was 16 and it was a 20 gallon eclipse form Petsmart.  My sister bought it for my as a birthday gift.  For this tank, she bought me 2 black moors and I loved them. I went on spring break...
  17. A

    Any Of These Mollies Squared Off Yet?

    Hi there guys! I've had these mollies for a little while, and I'm just wondering. Do any of them look like they're squared off? I don't have a lot of hiding places in my tank yet, so I wouln't feel comfortable just letting nature take its course. AND, I have black gravel :/. I have a netted...
  18. C

    Brand New To This Page

    Hello everyone i hope i can get some hlpful insight i want to add some new tank mates but first ill give you with what i am working with: 29 gallon (high) cycled freshwater tank with following filtration   top fin 30  micro whisper (5.5g)   and the following fish:   2 emerald cories 1 dalmation...
  19. B

    Which Livebearer Do You Prefer?

    Hey guys! Just out of curiosity and some fun I was wondering which livebearing fish you like the most! I personally really like the surprise of guppy tail colors, but love the overall look of platy fish. Post your comments below.
  20. E

    Dwarf Puffer Help

    i have a 20 gallon fresh water tank and i have quite a few guppies, four corys, an albino pleco, two black mollies, a balloon molly, a platinum lyre-tail molly and her fry, and some cherry shrimp. i just added a dwarf puffer a couple of days ago and i have no had any problems or aggression from...