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  1. C

    Bristlenose Pleco

    Hi there, Just got a bristlenose pleco about 4 days ago and noticed it growing (more?) bristles on one side of his face? Kindve white? Any ideas?? Healthy :)
  2. S

    Albino pleco babies

    Hay guys. So my boy has been tiresly looking after to what I think much be around 25 baby plecs. Argh, he’s been in the fry net and cave since 3 days ago, babies have been hatched a bit longer and are growing big and strong. Any idea when I should kick dad out? He’s in a net cage there is access...
  3. Guyb93

    Bristlenose with sailfin?

    I have a large-ish sailfin pleco he’s around 11inches and was looking into getting a few Bristlenose pleco , 2cm in length babies , I hear Plecos can be very aggressive towards other pleco , but being a differnt pleco would that matter ? Or would the bn be doomed
  4. M

    Temporary housing for bristlenose pleco

    So I got a bristlenose pleco from a store several hours away. I have it now so no returning it or anything and I’m already in love. I have a 5 gallon tank with a super chill male betta in it. It is fully cycled and my tests have been pretty consistent so I went to the store to get a snail or...
  5. kellyrazz1996

    Suddenly obsessed with this little female betta

    I've been wanting a red male betta for the past few months and finally set myself to the task of preparing for one. Lots of reading and a 20 gallon tank later and I found myself searching through three different pet stores, but none of the betta were calling out to me. I ended up going home with...
  6. A

    Signs my fish has worms?

    Hi there, In one of my tanks, I noticed that my bristlenose pleco has something that looks like callamanus worms. I double checked with PetSmart and they said it looked normal. My water levels are fine and I have not introduced any new fish or plants to my aquarium for over a month now. My...
  7. L

    Bristlenose pleco

    Wonder if anyone could helo I've got two bristlenose plecos and one of there stomachs is a little black, ive googled it and not much help so far so thought would ask people with more experience
  8. Geordie Paul

    Stocking ideas

    Hey all, another quick question! I'm finally ready to complete the stocking of my 33 gallon long! I'm looking to add a small school of mid level swimming fish but I want something colourful and not too small like tetras. Currently in my tank I have 7 corydoras and a bristlenose so I need fish...
  9. T

    Rural Networks

    New to the site and forums in general. Live in northeast Colorado with little to no pet stores and aquarium supplies. Best local fish store 55 miles away, the closest petco or petsmart is 115 miles away. I currently order food from a few places amazon, brine shrimp direct, etc. I've always...
  10. W

    German Blue Ram - First Fish

    I have recently entered the hobby, purchasing a Aquapod 56litre aquarium. Which I have included some small plants and larger rocks. I have cycled my tank and has the local fish store confirmed the conditions were now suitable for my first fish. I decided to go for a German Blue Ram although I...
  11. Goosegrl2019

    Setting up a new 55 gallon tank

    How long should it take to cycle & do the products out there to speed this process up work??
  12. Aynia

    Bristle nose pleco?

    Heya, me again! The hubs and I are really worried that our lfs sold us a different kinds of plecos instead of a bristle nose. They are very young, ~2 inches, and the hubs says they could be both female so we wouldn't see the big bristles, but I'm not convinced. The pictures aren't the greatest...
  13. E

    pleco fish bred and I don't know what to do..

    So today I was cleaning out my canister filter when I later realized that there was pleco fry on the glass. Anyway, I scooped as many as I saw up and placed them in one of those breeding boxes you put guppies in (which I've bred in the past). Now, as you'll know, breeding guppies and pleco's...
  14. N

    What to feed my Plecos who won't eat green things

    Hello all, I have one albino bristlenose pleco (4 in) and one (possibly) zebra pleco (3 in). 20-gallon tank. I didn't buy them so I'm not completely sure about the second one. They have grown quite a bit since I got them and their fins seem much healthier, but they are quite sluggish even though...
  15. L

    plecos, ich and salt???

    Hi all, I’m new here, so please be gentle. I have a 105l tank (27.74 us gallons) & 2 fancy goldfish (1 oranda & 1 shubunkin) and a small Bristlenose Pleco. It’s looking like my goldies have ich. I’ve been reading up about treatments & am slowly increasing the tank temp from 23C (73.4F) which is...
  16. Y

    Plecs nipped fins

    Have an Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco, female and she is stunning, she’s about 5 inches long. Pretty sure when we got her her fins weren’t quite what they are now. She always used to stay in one place when the light was on and roam around of the night (light off) as usual. We started putting...
  17. K

    New Red Spot Severum gasping, high levels

    If anyone can read about our situation and give advice we would be so grateful! We are new to the aquarium world, but our problem has stumped even the girl at the fish room who seems to know everything. We have a 20 gallon tank and 2 weeks ago we put in it a Red Spotted Severum (3 or 4 inches...
  18. Mr.JRosewolf

    Bottom feeders all dying

    Ok so after a very long time I finally got back into the fish hobby I got myself a 40g acrylic filled it with plants, cycled it, had my water tested and all my fish are happy and healthy..... except for any bottom feeders I add... Death count 2 green corys, 1 bristle nose pleco, 1 clown pleco...
  19. BaggiesBabe

    Pleco type?

    Hi! Could you tell me what type of Pleco this is? is it a common Pleco that grows massive? Thank you Tracey :)
  20. cowgirluntamed

    Bristlenose Won't Eat. Almost 3 Weeks

    Decided to go ahead and put this here instead of the discussion board. I just don't know what else to do. Here is a link to that thread that has a lot of information in it. I will sum it up here after. It also has pictures there and water test results that are around a week old. If needed I can...