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  1. K

    Don't know what fish to add to 45 gallon tank

    My 45G is currently stocked with - 12 Neon Tetras - 8 Otos - 8 Guppy Endlers - 4 Panda Cories - 1 Male Kribensis I was wondering if anyone have some good suggestions for a colorful/good schooling fish that would make a good addition to the tank. Thanks! Note: I use to have black skirt...
  2. F

    Otocinclus sensitivity: multiple courses of meds

    It’s coming to the end of the month for my 3 otos in quarantine. They’re with 5 straita loaches so I did a dewormer esha ndx (with 2nd dose 14 days later) and esha hex as a precaution. I forgot about tapeworms though so I’m thinking of doing another 3 day treatment before adding them. It’s with...
  3. MagicGirl33

    Is my tank big enough?

    I have a five gallon tank with 4 pea puffers in it, and at first I thought it seemed small but I've done many water tests and it seems fine. They don't pick on each other at all but, a family member purchased three otos. Should I buy a whole new 10 gallon tank just for them? Or should I leave...
  4. L

    Can anyone identify if this is a parasite?

    Hey guys... I've had my otos for around 3 months now and even when I first got them I noticed a small discoloured spot on the underside towards the tail end of one of them and he/she seemed fine so thought it might have been scar tissue. I then thought it may be eggs but now I don't think so as...
  5. newmag1659

    Driftwood Fungus is taking over my tank!

    Hi! I have a piece of driftwood that grew driftwood fungus almost immediately about 6 weeks ago. I looked around online and was told to leave it be and it'll go away. Well, it hasn't gone away and has now appeared to spread to my plants. I also have a very thick biofilm that my 3 gardneri...
  6. cmhassinger

    How many Otos in a 5gallon

    I currently have 2 shrimp and 1 Oto in a 5 gallon. Can I add another Oto? Or is that to many bottom feeders.
  7. E

    Lone Rainbow Shark with Rainbows

    Hi again. Just looking for a little insight as to how this setup might sound for a 55 gallon (hard water at 13 degrees G, near 7 pH, 101cm x 41cm x 50cm, live plants, lots of driftwood). I currently have: 8 Bronze Corys 6 Duplicareus Corys 6 Otocinclus 6 Neon Dwarf Rainbows I was wondering...
  8. T

    19L Fluval spec stocking.

    Morning all, First post here I would like some advice please :) So my 11yr old daughter wants a fish tank for Christmas which is pretty much a done deal, it’s not the first time she’s had one and she knows a little about keeping fish. She mainly wants a single Betta, we will possibly get an...
  9. Vengified

    Otocinclus White ~2Otocin fuzzballs random spots

    Not quite sure what's going on with my oto. He is one of three, the only one of three, to show these "fuzzballs" on his back. I'm not sure if its columnaris, or something else? It doesnt seem to match what I can find of columnaris either. I noticed one spot, a few days ago and thought maybe an...
  10. Tyler_Fishman

    Age limit

    kudos to the younger fish keepers who have to go through this nonsense. I'm proud that petstores want to "protect" their live stock. But in the same sense it is kinda hypocritical when I see 10 dead guppies clogging the filter intake of a tank and I'm told I need an adult with me to purchase a...
  11. thrujenseyes

    oto advice

    About a year ago, I got some bad advice from a LFS (go figure). And I left with three little Otocinclus for my too small tank ...Fluval Edge 6 Gallon (fully cycled and running for well over a year). After coming here and learning about how they're caught and mostly starving by the time they...
  12. Tyler_Fishman

    Java moss problem

    isn't this stuff supposed to grow like nuisance algae? Not for me. I got my java moss when it was a lush green color at petco. I placed it in a Lower light area, parallel to my ozelot sword which obstructs a good majority of light. It's not like it's pitch black, just there isn't too much light...
  13. Tyler_Fishman

    Petco opinions

    I went to my local petco and was nearly blown away. They're fish were in almost perfect condition, the only thing I noticed were an anorexic foxface and a few sick orbic cardinals, the rest of the fish were in perfect condition, not only that but they little stands that sold macro alages and...
  14. X

    Pea Puffer Community Help

    Hello all (first post!!!), I am about to pick up a 60 gallon tank and am trying to plan out my community. I know I want freshwater tropical fish. I am not completely new to the hobby but it's been awhile and I have never had a large variety of fish. I had a 150 gallon Oscar tank with one Tiger...
  15. P

    Oto Cats Not Eating Algae Wafers

    hello fish people,   I have been a fish keeper around a year and algae growth started to increase...so i decided to buy some oto cats to eat the algae. I bought them several weeks ago but they wont touh the algae or even attempt to eat the algae wafers. I never see it eat but it still alive so i...
  16. ech0o

    Wanted: Macrotocinclus Affinis Group (Golden Oto, Dwarf Oto), Phoenix

    WANTED: Small group of Golden Oto (Macrotocinlus Affinis)   Age and condition: Preferably young and healthy condition Quantity needed:  Group of around 6 needed Reason for need: Algae Cleanup Delivery or Collection: Delivery Sales price: Negotiable (a small fee?) Postage & Packaging Price:  I...
  17. bloxplayer992

    Help! My Fish Have Ich!

    my fish have white spots! so far my neon tetras keep dying from it and one of my otocinclus appears to have a white spot on it's head.im extremely panicked since ive added that green super ich cure. i really dont know much about my water quality since this is my first tank and i need to know...
  18. I

    Oto Cat Paralysis? Dying?

    Hello. I joined this forum to ask this question. Here's my current tank set-up: I have a 20 gallon tank with an under-gravel filtration system as well as a new power filter (rated for 20-30 gallon aquariums). I don't have a good water testing kit but the pH is pretty much 7.0, no detectable...