1. April_ht

    How many platys in 70 litres (18 US Gallons)?

    I’ve recently gotten a new 70 litre tank which has been cycled and fish were added in earlier today. I’ve got 9 platy fish, ranging from 1.5-2 inches, 5 males and 4 females and 2 small sucking catfish. I know the male to female ratio is off and I’m planning on getting rid of 3+ males soon, and I...
  2. Lgoldman

    How can I add more fish without overstocking?

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with 3 mollies, 3 platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. I usually siphon the tank every week and my filter is the one that came with a tank. (Its either Tetra or Aqueon). Recently I found fry in my tank. There were only two left by the time I found them, but I moved...
  3. Lgoldman

    Questions about Molly/platy fry

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with three mollies, three platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. Yesterday I noticed fry in the tank. I’m not sure how old they are, but there were only a few left by the time I saw them. I was going to leave them in the tank but I felt bad and ended up moving the two...
  4. Lgoldman

    Nerite snails had babies in freshwater

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with mollies, platys, a albino bristle nose pleco, and two nerite snails. Today I came home to both fish fry (I’m not sure if they are mollies or platys, and I am not removing them because I do not care if they survive), and at least one baby snail. I’m not surprised...
  5. C

    Is my platy pregnant? If so when is she due?

    Hello everyone! I bought 3 female platys last Sunday as I did not want any fry and after noticing one of my females looking larger than the other two and noticing a black part in her belly, I investigated what it could be and I am assuming that she became pregnant before purchase. If anyone...
  6. M

    8 Platys for New Home

    I purchased two platys 3 months ago however they have had 6 baby fish and I don’t have the room in my tank. Would like to give them all away together. 2x adults 3x Young fry’s 3x very little fry’s just born All very healthy and happy little fish. Happy to socially distanced give away for £10 for...
  7. B

    Stocking my tank

    Hi guys, I just wanted to see if anyone had issues about how I want to stock my tank, and any way to resolve them. I am getting a 34L tank (almost 8 gallons I think), and am hoping to put in about 5 cherry barbs and a few platys, in that order. I think I would rather have the platys but please...
  8. Ingrid


    Can you keep siamese fighting fish with platys?
  9. Ingrid

    Advice wanted!

    Hi we are thinking of going on holiday in a few weeks and so we are wondering whether it would be all right to leave the fish for a week and what should we do before we leave so they survive. We at the moment have 6 platys. All advice is welcome thanks
  10. Ingrid

    Platys and guppies

    Can you keep platys and guppies in the same tank?
  11. E

    Platy possibly dying! Help

    Hello, I recently starting a planted 10g tank. Its been going for about 3 months, 2 of which containing fish. I first added 4 mollies, then about 2.5 weeks ago, I added 1 molly and 3 platys. Within the last 24 hours, I noticed one of he platys (the only male) was not eating, no matter how much...
  12. S

    Help! My platys are paralyzed and sink!

    So I recently got 12 fry from a friend and they are about 2 months old, varying in size. I have 4 of the tiniest ones in a 5 gallon, the rest in a 20 gallon. About 3 days ago I noticed a few were missing and couldn't see them. I thought they were just hiding but then today I noticed some just...
  13. L

    Very Soft Water with Platys?

    Hi, I’m new here. I currently have two Cory Cats, and I just got two Platys. However, I’m worried about my Platies. My water is considered very soft, and I’ve heard that Platies like hard water. I don’t know what to do, since my 10 gallon tank that has the fish in it is already filled with my...
  14. Kerryjoy


    hello I have got 1 male platy and 4 female platys. The male is happy with 3 of the females, but chases and bullies one of the females, she can’t even swim around anymore and stays on top of the filter out of the way Only coming out to eat until she is chased off! I had 3 female platys, but I...
  15. tgwthf

    stocking my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium, thoughts?

    Hello everyone! I'm nowhere near close to setting up the tank, stand is still being built and needs to be cleaned out of all the sand and stuff, but i'm in the process of trying to find some fish i can put in there, will be keeping it around the 24C temperature mark. so far i'm thinking of...
  16. A

    Is my platy pregnant?

    I just got 8 mickey mouse platys from somebody who had so many and they are with my mickey mouse molly now. I got one that was pretty little and looked juvenile or too young, but she looks pregnant. New to platys. Help me thanks.
  17. Qwooks

    New 110l Tank.. stocking level suggestions.

    Hi All, I am fairly new to keeping fish. Previously had goldfish in a 40l tank after really poor pet shop advice.... have rehomed them to someone with a 350l tank so am now going to upgrade mine to 110l. (80cm x 50cm high x 35cm) Once it is cycled I would like a mix of guppies, neon tetras...
  18. JadeLouiseSouthgate

    Help Please What's Wrong With My Male Platy

    I have been noticing that my male platy is behaving strange I think he is a platy he spends most of the days on the bottom of the tank
  19. H

    3 Male Platys - What Next?

    Hi All,   Our family has a new tank, which has been fish-less cycled (thanks to the info on this site) and has been home to 3 male platys for the last week now.   We've tested the water parameters and the filter is coping fine with its current stock of fish - ammonia & nitrites both 0.   My...
  20. ThePlatyPerson

    Pregnant Male Platy? Someone Please Help!

    Hi Guys,   New to this whole forum thing so bear with me, A few months a go i bought a platy from a pet store and the lady told me it was a girl. I put it in my tank with my other platys for breeding and noticed that it was fighting with the other male, so i assumed that the lady was wrong and...