1. tal_boom

    What’s wrong with my Oscar fish

    Hey all. I created a fake ivy back drop on the outside of my Oscar tank and both of them didn’t like it and started sulking as they do. But a few minutes later they got spooked and my male hasn’t been the same since (this was last night) now I’m seeing him do things his never done like messing...
  2. C

    Tank mate ideas

    I have had my oscar Greg for a few months now, and he's around 8 inches from what I can tell. I have him in a 55-gallon tank, with gravel (I might add some sand to mix it up soon) but I want to add another fish. Recently His water has been getting kinda green, and I do at least a 30% water...
  3. Big Boy Fish

    Any snail species that can go with a Oscar and Royal Pleco-(finished)-

    One of my apple snails died recently to old age and im wondering what types of snails I could get. As I have said in the title i have one oscar and a royal pleco.I have many breeding tanks so if there baby's i can just stick them in those. I have one apple snail left and a couple randoms along...
  4. Guyb93

    Meet my oscars

    Never struggled so much to take a photo but these are active and won’t stay still , the red Oscar is far More red and black than the image shows the red is a large 6inch and the albino is a good 4 inch , I’m thinking eventually the albino will be rehomed but I’m hoping to keep both , I need...
  5. Guyb93

    Wild red Oscar ?!?

    Iv been to look at some wild oscars today ( haven’t bought non ... yet ) and for the price they are the colour variety isn’t as green or orange as I’d first expected but amongst the 100 juvenile oscars I see maybe 3 red oscars , first question is are they wild , which apparently they were I was...
  6. FishGuyBri

    Oscar Trauma

    Please let me know if this should go somewhere else, but I wanted to thread out what we did when our juvenile unnamed red oscar jumped out of our 6 foot tank and hitched a ride with my dog. I mentioned it in my 227 system discussion but thought it may be of help here. I had to pry him out of my...
  7. S

    Large cichlid tank possible parasite?

    Silly question. I have a large cichlid tank with oscars, a blood parrot, and a green terror. I saw this floating across the tank and I was wondering if this was a worm or a parasite? I thought I saw it wiggle but it could have been from the filter current. I have a video of it but not sure how...
  8. Captain holt

    Gentle giant- Oscar

    Anyone else’s Oscar been a gentle giant? I’ve had my fair share of psychotic oscars lol but since buying Rudy around a year ago I’ve noticed that she’s been the most placid and gentle Oscar I’ve ever had. She’s been raised up around some very small fish and whilst intrigued by them, hasn’t ever...
  9. Captain holt

    Oscar tank setups

    Would love some aqua scaping inspiration! Post photos of your Oscar tanks below :) This is mine currently. 5ft x 1.5ft x1.5ft. Home to: - 1 Oscar (Rudy) - 1 Senegal bichir (Bruce) - 1 albino sailfin pleco (Boris īī ) A wee bit on the small side but everyone seems happy :)
  10. R

    i’m scared that my tiger oscar has swallowed a rock

    hi i’m worried for my fish and idk what to do. a few days ago i noticed that his poop was green but we’ve only fed him food that should make his poop brown so i found that unusual. we also have decorative rocks in his tanks and some of them are yellow coloured. just this morning i saw that his...
  11. M

    Oscars Tankmates to Datnoids

    I have a 3 months old datnoid and 2 months old bichir and were tankmates for 3 months now and have kept both of them on a 100 gallons standard size tank. I was planning to add some more fishes and I came across with oscars. An Albino Red, Tiger, and Red oscars which are all on 2x2 sizes. I have...
  12. F

    What is wrong with my Oscar?

    s/he has been acting strange lately, something is obviously wrong but I can’t figure it out. We’ve tried dosing the tank with Melafix, salt, general cure, but nothing seems to work. S/he is about 1 1/2 years old and is getting progressively worse. All other fish in the tank are in good health...
  13. J

    tiger oscar has hole in lower part of mouth

    I recently got a tiger oscar from the local pet store. it's in a 75 gallon tank with a assorted chiclid and 3 pictus catfish.I have had it only for a day now and I noticed that it's mouth looks odd. this morning while he was eating bloodworms I noticed that he squeezed a couple of the bloodworms...
  14. Bruce1975

    Nitrate won’t go down, Oscar with Popeye(?)

    A couple days ago I noticed that one of my Oscar’s eyes seemed a bit bigger than usual. I looked it up and read that it might be popeye. I freaked out and tested the water, everything was perfect except the nitrate level. I did a 50% percent water change, and added my usual water primer...
  15. draconis

    The thoughest fish ever.

    Alive after five plus years (could be seven?), survived two category 5 hurricanes (Irma & Maria), eleven magnitude 5+ earthquakes and thousands of magnitude 3 or higher tremors, and a desperate relocation of his 75g home down the stairs from a third story penthouse inside a 12g Coleman...
  16. draconis

    Old Oscar Weird Behaviour

    Hello, Havent been here in a LONG TIME but I finally got around to ask the experts. I have this 5+ year Oscar (could be 7 years? honestly dont remember when I got him!). He used to share the tank with a Pleco and a mellow Jack Dempsey, both recently died (several months ago). Anyway, here is the...
  17. P

    Albino Oscar

    I inherited an albino Oscar about 3 years ago now. At first, things were going well. He grew and loved eating and ripping up and knocking over everything in his tank. Lately, though, he keeps getting sick. Right now he has a cloudy, white circle covering his eye, I think he may have hole in the...
  18. S

    Hello, I want to check if my tank is compatible for oscar

    The tank is 165x33x50 (cm) WxHxD, the problem is the aquarium isn't too high. Is 33 cm enough height for adult oscar? I'm planning to keep 3 oscars since the tank is a good width and depth, To note that I've been in fishkeeping hobby for long and I have no problems in water quality I do once or...
  19. C

    I need advise plz

    I have two Oscar's and two bristlnose plecos and was wondering what would be the best choice of large aquarium rocks the put in my tank. I have a 75 gallon tank wide I'm also going to put a diy bubble bar in the back of the tank Is it possible that I can put a natural obsidian rock structure...
  20. Jakes Aquatic Addiction

    My Channel

    I do fish room tours updtaes on my own fish soon videos on how to keep the fish i do and other videos of my reptiles and dogs :) https://www.facebook.com/JakesAquatics/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYUMxhz9ZAv8U_YBE9slc7Q