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  1. A

    Betta Slime coat/receding fin

    Hi! I've had a betta fish for a few months now, and with every water change his fin recedes and has long tears along it. Initially I was told it was most likely fin rot, and I tried using bettafix and trisulfur tablets which helped a little, but would never cure his tail leaving it as bad as it...
  2. K

    Trying to Figure Out if This is Ich or Not?

    Okay, so I’ve had a small 5 gal with glofish for years, and I upgraded to a 15 not too long ago. Maybe a month ish? I let it sit with plants and filter for a while before acclimating the 4 glo tetras I had into it (plus some snails), and about a week ago I got another tetra and 5 cory cats. I...
  3. R

    Guppy Fry

    Hello! Can someone give me some tips at caring for 160+ guppy fry. My aunt wanted to throw her sons guppies (I separated them by gender the first time I got them) so I decided to adopt them since my brother has been wanting some for a while now, and noticed that 3 of them was pregnant, the...
  4. S

    Help me identify Doug:)

    So I bought this flowerhorn from ebay earlier this year. Personally I think it's a female but the eBay ad said it was male. Does Doug have poor genetics or is he a different type of FH as it also said he's supposed to be a super red dragon FH, but he has little to no red. Much appreciation in...
  5. Smallzzy505

    Is Cami ok?):

    Anyone know what could be wrong with my poor Cambria? I’ve had her for over 3 years, bought her when she had bad fin and tail rot. Recently she’s had white specs on her body that looked like her fins were “flaking” off, I thought it was Ich, or columnaris so ive used melafix and fungus cure, but...
  6. Aquarist2020

    How soon can I add corals?

    I know most people say the later the better but I don't really have the patience. I'm at the nitrate no3 spike right now. After the spike is over how soon can I put corals? Btw I'm using Fritz turbo start 900. Thank you.
  7. M

    Help Me With Algae Issues Please :)

    Hi everyone! I've had this tank for close to a year now and recently this algae has popped up. I've undergone multiple water changes, but it keeps coming back. What is it and what can I do? Thank you so much!!
  8. L

    Intestinal Parasite or fish poop?

    I have a 20 gal tank with wcmm and just decided to add guppies. The place i got them from was like a mom and pops fish store so I thought it would be okay to just add them in. Now that ive been looking more at the females I noticed some have this sting coming out of them but only them and I know...
  9. R84achey

    Before I kill off my fish Is this wood safe?

    I have these pieces of wood that were used in my spider tank and I’m wondering if it’s safe to use in my aquarium. I have a feeling the one at the front isn’t as it’s very light and feels and possibly porous. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know it will need to be thoroughly cleaned...
  10. R84achey

    Confused by cycle

    Hi all So 3 days ago I started to cycle my tank. I added 3ml of ammonia and confirmed the amount by testing the water which measure 3.0mg/l. Here I am testing again and ammonia (nh3 & nh4) are now at 0mg/l, Nitrite is at 0.3mg/l & nitrate is at 25mg/l. I’ve read through the fishless cycle...
  11. P

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my Cory

    Hi I just purchased 6 panda Corys and for the most part 5 of them seemed pretty healthy. But one of them I noticed has a thin curvy line in its tail and anal fin. I had no idea what it was so right now I put it quarantined in another tank but I was hoping someone knew what it might be? The...
  12. Lilputian

    Two male black Mollies in a 5 gallon, I really want to liven the tank up

    Hello! I’m super new to fish keeping and did the bad newcomer thing and bought a tank that fit my space and then put whatever fish was pretty into it. The three guppies got too stressed out and died, so now I have the two male black mollies left (happy I think). I’ve read that they should be in...
  13. B

    Help me sex these fish

    I have a JD and a green terror coukd you help me sex them i think the jd is a male but im not sure
  14. CreecherFeature

    What causes these white patches on my betta???

    I've had my betta for months now and have changed nothing in my routine, but lately he has developed white spots on his left face and top of his back (and a few other places that didn't show up well in photos, all small). I've seen posts of somewhat similar conditions being aggressively deadly...
  15. B

    Help me identify my fish

    Hi there I have had this fish for 1 month or 2 in a 125 gallon tank It was sold as a green severum but I am not to sure he shot up in size I mean like 3 inches in the 2 month is always with the jack dempsy he might not have gained his colour yet I dont have muc experience with severums I was...
  16. A

    How to Cycle 5.5 Gal Betta tank

    I got a 5.5 gal tank today as an upgrade for my betta. I need to cycle it but I need to know where to start and what to do. Today I put rocks, water, the filter, and stress coat in the tank and a couple cups of water from my other tank. Is there a way to cycle without buying ammonia? Thanks for...
  17. shaziasadiqah

    Anything about Hospital Tank

    So, i have some questions about hospital tank. i have a 15gal spare tank at home and wanted to make a hospital tank with it. the questions: 1. Should it be filled water and filter running 24/7? because i’m scared that if it’s not my fish will have “new tank syndrome” when i put then in the...
  18. shaziasadiqah

    Need Help Upgrading My Tank For BlackGhost Knife

    I have two BlackGhost Knife they are about 7cm in size at the moment. I know my 20gal Tank is not the right tank for them so i've been planning to get a bigger tank, but how big should i get? is 75gal enough for them? I know my house is small but i want to give them the proper tank. Please...
  19. C

    Is there something wrong

    Hi there, One of my mollies has a strange trait of liking to literally lie on the substrate or on a decoration for a while then all of a sudden just gets up and acts completely normal and swims about etc. Also his fin is a very odd Shape and seems overgrown or something (as in the pic) is this...
  20. E

    13 Gallon tank stocking help

    Hello everyone! I am pretty new to the hobby and am planning on buying a 13 gallon nano tank and have it as an aquascape with a few fish in it. I am however not sure how many fish a tank of this size can handle. I was thinking of getting a betta together with some sort of pleco/algee eater...