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Jan 24, 2021
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Jakarta, Indonesia
So, i have some questions about hospital tank.

i have a 15gal spare tank at home and wanted to make a hospital tank with it.

the questions:
1. Should it be filled water and filter running 24/7? because i’m scared that if it’s not my fish will have “new tank syndrome” when i put then in the hospital tank.
2. Can i use sponge filter?
3. What kind of heater i should have? Water tempeature in my country is pretty warm so all my tanks doesn’t need any heater, i just have thermometer to make sure it is stabil. But some i read keeping the water warmer should help with most fish diseases.
4. should it be empty or i should keep some fish in there?

Any advice will be much appreciated, thank you :)
You shouldn't need a hospital tank. If something goes wrong take water from your main tank. I always have an extra filter running in my main tank. A sponge filter or small internal so that I can set up a secondary tank quickly. I always have a spare heater/thermostat in the cupboard.
You can always put the filter for your qt on another tank, then fill the qt tank for when you need it. A sponge filter could work.
I just use sponge from an established tank for my quarentine filters, then put new sponge in the filter I took from. Instead of an actual tank, I use a plastic tote.
As for heaters, I really love adjustable ones for my tanks over 10 gallons, and my spare for my quarantine tank.
Thank you everyone, i’ll use my 15gal to home some small fishes like neon tetra and honey gourami then. I’ll buy a plastic container and another sponge filter which i’ll be keeping in my main tank and move it to the qt tank when needed.

thank you very much :)

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