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  1. F

    SOS! Is any molly pregnant?

    Hello friends, i am new here, i was looking for a forum to post my mollies to check if any of these 2 mollies is pregnant. I am waiting for a fast answer so i can put the pregnant in safe place to give birth! Thank you for your time.
  2. C

    Cories Panting - At a loss!

    Hi all, New to this forum. I've had a betta for about two years and recently decided to expand into cories. My local tropical fish store is run by hobbyists and has high reviews, so I decided to trust them when I bought two pepper and one albino cory to accompany my betta in my 10 gallon tank...
  3. S

    New guppies some with fish rot - separate?

    Hi all, I’m new to here and new to fish 🐠 We have just bought 6 new guppies (2 days ago), one has already died from fish rot (the yellow)- he had it when we brought them home but being new didn’t notice until yesterday due to is slow behaviour and a thought that it’s fin was very short...
  4. R

    Ick help… new owner needs help

    Hi guys, I am a very new aquarium owner and am relatively nuanced about aquariums. My 29 gallon aquarium has an ick outbreak and I responded by adding doses of ick clear and removing the carbon from the filter. I added air stones and a sponge filter. My mollies and loaches seem to be acting...
  5. M

    Cloudy water, no fish, please help?

    Hello, I’ll start by saying i am a massive beginner in this hobby and i’m just looking for some help :) My tank is a 10 gallon tank with a filter, heater, and bubbler. it has four fake plants and a piece of wood, all of which were rinsed thoroughly with water. the gravel is from petco, and was...
  6. B

    Adding new plants to my co2 established tank

    Hi guys, I have a 36 gallon tank and was wondering what do you guys normally do/how is it suppose to be done when adding a new plant that wasn’t living in a co2 tank and transferring it into one that I dose daily with liquid co2. If that even makes sense? It’s a Madagascar lace Unfortunately...
  7. P

    Betta fish needs urgent help!

    Guys i would appreciate a quick response, and i would be very thankful for all responses, im a new betta fish owner and i have no idea whats happening to her. my betta fish was being inactive for a last 3-4 days, I had it since 1 year now its my first fish and im very attached to it, few days...
  8. Y

    Betta fish SUDDENLY losing color

    I’ve had this betta for maybe 3-4 years now. I kept him in a betta bowl for most his life unfortunately. He was always healthy and made frequent bubble nests. After moving him to a 5 gallon with perfect parameters and weekly water changes he got sick. His bones poked out of his back fins and I...
  9. Duckquarium

    2.5g betta, needing a cleanup crew

    I have (pic related) set up right now with a betta and a couple snails. The snails have been keeping the glass clean just fine but the substrate is a little messy, can i swap a snail for a shrimp or two or is that gonna strangle my betta? Dont judge my diver head i thought it was kind of funny...
  10. F

    Fishless cycling help

    Hello! I started my fishless cycling process about 2 weeks ago. I added the right amount of Dr Tims ammonia to my 8G tank. I’m also adding nitrifying bacteria every so often too. The ammonia reading is about 3.0ppm and my nitrite is around 2.0ppm . Does this mean the cycling is working? And if...
  11. Yuhui

    Lonely cardinal tetras with ich

    Hello there, I’m new to owning fishes and is been 5 days since I started in the fish community, so I need some help :). I have two cardinal tetras who recently got infected with ich, but I started treatments when I saw them. Fortunately, after three days of treatment the ich was gone but is...
  12. S

    Received Betta for White Elephant, Noob at Fish Keeping, Fish seems Sick! SOS!

    Hello everyone! I've been very stressed about my Betta, Dobby, I received him for a white elephant gift and I'm determined to be a good fish dad! Everything is new, tank, heater, lights, plants, filter, etc. Dobby won't eat and is hanging at the top of the time and is very lethargic! Took a...
  13. C

    Angel acting strange

    I have a 38 gallon community tank with two medium size angels( I have one more in a separate tank he’s too small for them right now I think, they where not very nice) before when I added the small angel my bigger veil tail was being a bit aggressive pecking at him. I only mention that because...
  14. S


    Hi there is me again...the dude with an overstocked tank :( 16g tank has 2 shubunkin gold fish and 2 giant danios (last time i told they were rainbow fish....m rly sorry about that....only now got a phone which was compatible with google lens...the lfs where i bought the fish from was no...
  15. B

    Why are my guppies staying near the surface of the tank?

    Hi, I recently got some guppies for my first fish tank and they spend most of their time at the surface. Is this normal? I have a filter installed and an airstone installed. The airstone seemed too powerful so I keep it on for a minute at some times during the day so I don't stress out the fish.
  16. S

    Free tank and fish to give away!

    Hi everyone, Need some help ASAP if at all possible! Sadly, my Mum passed away earlier this year. She left behind a decent sized tank with a few tetras and other tropical fish. I haven’t lived at home with her for a while but my brother still lived with her, however, he has no intention of...
  17. C

    Is my Betta ok?

    I’ve had my Betta about a month now and today I spotted this white/grey stuff on his tail. Is this a sign of disease? Or has he just got something stuck on there? His behaviour has not changed, he is still swimming around, eating and coming to the front of his tank to be sociable. He has a...
  18. S


    I bought a pair of female rainbow fish (i did not know they were schooling fish until i put them in my tank....and after that i am not able to find rainbows anywhere)....they are around 10 months with me(quite stress) recently(around a month) i am noticing one of the rainbow acting...
  19. biofish

    Odd behavior in my male guppies?

    So I’ve got a 29 gallon tank that’s divided in half. On one side I have my male guppies and the other my female. Anyway, I have one of the male guppies in an isolation box because he kept endlessly harassing a single other male guppy. The isolation box is mesh so it just sits in the main tank...