20 gallon

  1. WestCoastChelle

    Stocking Thoughts for a 20 (Maybe 50?) Gallon Tank

    I'd like to set up a little community tank. I plan to get it cycling sometime this week and while that whole process happens I'm researching and thinking about who all I'd like to have in there. The tank will have a lid, driftwood and live plants with sand substrate. My initial thoughts atm...
  2. S

    Possible 20 gallon stocking.

    Hello, I'm thinking of getting my first aquarium and want to do it right, I only have room for a 20 gallon unfortunately. I was thinking for the stocking I could get a group of Peacock Gudgeons, a group of American Flagfish, and maybe a bigger center piece fish by itself. What do people think...
  3. D

    Dalmatian Molly Not Swimming

    Help! I just set up a tank less than a week ago with 5 female mollies. I’m new to this but it’s important to me that my fish are happy and healthy. One of my mollies seems off. She doesn’t swim around and stays in the top corner near the heater. My other 4 mollies seem fine and swim around. At...
  4. Honey Fish

    Zebra Danio talk

    My guppie care forum was getting turned into zebra danio forum so this is the forum to talk about anything about zebra danios. Questions, sharing, etc
  5. 7

    Best schooling fish for Dwarf Gourami in a 20gal?

    Hi guys! I'm new to this site. I have a 20gal (high) tank with pool filter sand and mopani wood. My current plan: - 2x m/f Dwarf Gourami (orange coloring) - 8x pygmy corycats - cherry or amano shrimp colony What school would complement the Dwarf Gourami and light substrate the best? (options...
  6. Circus

    Large Cherry Shrimp

    My nicest looking large female shrimp. I do have others with similar or better coloring, but they tend to be smaller. She was born in my tank going on two years ago. Most of my large shrimp died when I had a tank crash. She is currently my largest red cherry shrimp as well. I only just recently...
  7. Mollyforever

    20 G tank overstocked? Or more?

    Howdy everyone! So I am cycling a 20g tank so that i could move my 5 shortfin mollies (1:4 male and female ratio) Would it be a dumb idea to get a couple more smaller fish like endlers in the new tank? Or crabs? The water parameters for the current 10G molly tank is pH 8.2 KH 130 GH 230 ish No...
  8. T

    A Few Questions on My New Planted Tank

    Hey guys. Wanted to ask a few questions about my new planted tank. It's a ten gallon tank with a water sprite, amazon sword, baby tears, and three java ferns. I got the first two a couple days ago and the java and tears today. I got them both off Aquarium Coop. My first question was what are...
  9. M

    help with newbie

    long story short - I was wondering if you guys could help. I have a new tank with fish they were doing fine I then test for ammonia yesterday. The ammonia was high, come to find out it was rocks that we separated and separately test and each had ammonia. I did a water change last night the ph...
  10. Circus

    Almost Full Grown Figure 8 Puffer

    So, I am setting up a 20 gallon tank for a figure 8 puffer, and I know they need increasingly brackish water as they get older. The puffer will be an adoptee from Petco, someone surrendered about a half dozen to the store. Right now they are all together in about a 10 gallon tank (showing...
  11. D

    20 g high tank

    So I have a 20G high tank and I think I want some gouramins or ram. I want fun active fish and looking for stocking advice. I do have hard water with a ph Around 7.6. I also have a single dalmatian Molly I plan on moving into the tank as well. Side note: I have a 10G long with 4 Cory catfish (I...
  12. Ellie Potts

    Pea puffer tank? Please help!!

    Hey everyone! I now have an empty, cycled 20-gallon long (30" x 12" x 12") and I'm trying to decide what to do with it (the fish nerd in me is elated). As my title implies, I'm really interested in keeping pufferfish. Due to the size of the tank, feeding ease, compatibility, and my lack of...
  13. S

    Best schooling fish for 20+ gallon tank

    Hi all, I will be upgrading my current 10 gallon which houses only a male Betta to a new 105 litre/ 23 gallon tank. I'd like to get some great, active schooling fish and I'm not sure which would work best. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  14. Ellie Potts

    20 gallon aquascaping

    I just posted about my 55 gallon, so may as well ask about my 20 long. I'm not as concerned about this tank as it's currently being used as a backup/quarantine tank, but it would be nice to have it looking good. Any advice? Preferably beginner friendly advice Plants: Java moss, java fern...
  15. RenC

    Updated tank!

    So I upgraded to a 20 gallon tall as my 15 column wasn’t ideal for my fish. I have 2 honey gourami, 4 guppies, 2 otocinclus, and 4 golden white clouds, as well as 2 snails. I know the wc’s aren’t ideal I wasn’t aware when I purchased. My snails have laid eggs and I’ve only seen one baby snail so...
  16. M


    I've been doing my research for a 75 liter tank for a betta and some shrimp. I have experience in keeping pond fish however completely new to a planted tank. My main concern is making sure everyone in the tank has enough space and hiding places . I ideally would like to have a betta, shrimp, a...
  17. Too Many Hobbies

    Stocking Ideas 20gal/75l

    Hi! I’m new here and to the hobby and have had many questions but been too shy to post in my local fb group. Ive been running a 5gal for the past 3 months and I want to upgrade to 20gal. Currently I have 5 espei rasboras, 4 Pygmy cories, and maybe 4 rcs (usually hiding). my mom complains that my...
  18. HevvyC

    New 20 Gallon Starter Tank - Advice? :)

    Hey guys, I've just bought a 100L/ 20 gallon tank and I'm waiting to pick it up at the moment. Very excited! It comes with 2 internal filters (both Aquael 700) and a heater which is great. I was looking into keeping some honey gouramis, platies, neon tetras and maybe some leopard cory's? Nice...
  19. wolfgirlj

    New Female Platy is Hiding, is it Because of My Guppy?

    Tank is 20 gallon 1 dwarf gourami 2 mystery snails 6 neon tetras 1 female guppy 1 female platy (added two days ago) The last water change was the day before I got the platy, and water conditions matched the store conditions. The platy has seemed a little on edge since added, but not darting...
  20. fishperson100

    Petco Dollar a Gallon Sale

    Hey all! Do any of you know when the next Dollar a Gallon sale is? My sibling and I are getting some leopard geckos, and I am waiting to get the 20 gallon long tank. I would rather pay $20 than $40:)