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MJ jayne

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Jul 23, 2021
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long story short - I was wondering if you guys could help. I have a new tank with fish they were doing fine I then test for ammonia yesterday. The ammonia was high, come to find out it was rocks that we separated and separately test and each had ammonia. I did a water change last night the ph now is 6.4ppm with ammonia 0.50ppm is it safe that I do a water change? I just don't want to cause ph shock . I was told to do a 25% water change but with the PH being so low I didn't know if I should do a water change.

Hi, welcome to the forum :hi:

What is the pH of your tap water? If it is similar, it won't shock the fish. If freshly run tap water has a higher pH reading, but it drops on standing, you could leave a container of tap water to stand overnight for water changes.

When there is ammonia or nitrite above zero you need to do a water change, though with a tank pH of 6.4 all the ammonia reading will be in the less toxic ammonium form (test kits read ammonia and ammonium combined).

If you've had high ammonia, you may also have a nitrite spike and there is no 'safe' form of nitrite so any reading over zero needs a water change.

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