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Bottom To Mid Dwelling Fish For A 20 Gallon

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Dec 27, 2013
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hey guys doing a 20 gallon soon and looking for a mid to bottom dwelling fish thats a bit more unusual so no neon tetra or cherry  barbs can adjust ph and temperature to suit ty for any advice no aggresive fish please e.g angelfish tiger barbs
Dwarf cichlids are small, attractive and full of personality! You can keep a pair of Blue Rams, or  one of your favorite Apistogramma species. Kribensis will also work 2 females and male will be nice but they can be aggressive when spawning. These fish are bottom-mid level swimmers and will provide hours of entertainment. A single male Bolivian Ram will be a great responsive pet and you wont have to worry about any spawning agression. They only grow to about 4 inches max. Sorry though I'm a big cichlid fan so that's my default suggestion always :)
Other options would be
Dwarf Gourami (though he's a top dweller)
Corydoras catfish (they do venture to mid waters at times)
 Dwarf Puffers (possibly aggressive)
Otocinclus catfish (only for planted tanks with good algae growth)
A small Bichir
Kuhli loaches (a really cool worm like fish)
Many tetras tend prefer mid-level or lower. Try black phantoms for the elliptical shaped tetra  or the rummy nose tetra for a torpedo shaped tetra. Both are docile
There are is no such thing as a 'small' Bichir. The smallest species will still grow to 12" which is too big for a 20 gallon. Aeons idea of dwarf cichlids is a good one though!
Agree, you can't go wrong with Corys.
Also Bolivian Rams are a great fish.
Was looking at Kribs myself, but as has been noted, they are sheer terror when spawning, beautiful fish though.
Cories will always be one of the  more commonly used catfish for a reason, they're entertaining to watch and do a good job of cleaning up too. I would recommend cories or maybe some kuhli loaches. 

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