1. davidjp1982

    A Few Pics Of My New Apistogramma Cacatuoides Triple Reds

    A few pics of my new arrivals      
  2. rpgmomma8404

    My Bettas And They Finally Have Names!

    I finally named these guys Kratos and Hades! Pretty much guess they came from God of Wars game series and the names do seem to fit them both.    Here is Kratos. A blue veil tail. (Pictures don't do either fish justice they are much prettier.)     Here is Hades. He's a red spade tail.     and...
  3. K

    Red Vallisneria Spiralis

    Quantity for sale: 50+ Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: 35p each Postage & Packaging: £3.50 for small orders, £4 for larger orders. Location: Norwich Payment: bank transfer, Paypal, Postal Order, cash (buyer pays all fees)   Some of the plants that I have to thin out are as long as 50...
  4. LunaBug

    What Type Is He?

    So I recently got Narcissus, my betta and finally fell comfortable enough with his attitude to put him in the larger tank with some Cory's. Now my only question is ...what type of betta is he? I bought him as a double tail male but I know that some double tails have a secondary type such as half...
  5. B

    Red Cherry Shrimp Sale

    Does anyone have or know of any Red Cherry Shrimp for sale?   Ive had a new tank 80l setup for 3months with a trio of betta splendorus in. I WANT SHRIMP. so bad   Does anyone have any shrimp for sale. Id prefer hi qual red cherrys but id be interested in nice bumblebees or anything new =)  ...
  6. G

    Possible Pregnant Red Zebra? First Time Ever Having Pregnant Fish..

    I think I have a possible pregnant red zebra? This is my first time ever with cichlids and especially with one being pregnant. I was wondering is there any way you can tell if it is? I saw it circle the other day with my electric lab, and since then it looks like it is chewing gum. It also has 6...
  7. K

    Red Crabs

    I just bought 2 red crabs and bought a Fluval edge to keep them in, I have plenty substrate, and wood for them to climb, nibble on, with part of it above water level for them.   I was just wondering about heat, whats is the best temperature for the crabs to be kept at? and is it even worth me...
  8. Bigirish87

    Can Some One Please Identify Problem

    I need help to find out what's wrong with my dwarf gourami! It started today with a red cut on his bottom lip. I have pictures included. He has one rubber nose pleco, one Cory, two German blue rams and one ivory mystery snail as his tank mates in a 20 gallon tank. The tank is very clean, Clear...
  9. J

    Help! Are My Honey Gouramis Male And/or Female?

  10. jwalser18

    Help! Overstocked Tank

    Hi guys! So, I hope first and foremost this is in the right section. This is the first time I've been in the hobby and trying to do it right. So, I've seen heard about every damn thing to do with the following dilemma, and just curious as to what I should do.   -10 gallon tank CYCLED (Have the...
  11. Aviici

    Sumatran Red Neon Goby

    Common name/s: Sumatran Red Neon Goby, S elegens, Freshwater Neon Goby. Scientific name: Stiphodon Elegens. Family: Stiphodon Sp. Origin: South East Asia, Philippines. Maximum size: 8cm/ 3.5" Care: The small adult size of these fish means that a pair could be kept in a 20 Gallon/ 60 Litre...
  12. fishkeeper207

    Pregnant Platy?

    Is she pregnant when is she ready to pop?  
  13. fishkeeper207

    Can You Breed A Red Wag Platy With A Sunburst Platy?

    I have a sunburst and a red wag platy divided in my 20 gallon tank with a divider will these two mate? How long would the mating take to happen
  14. ron4sum1

    Red/yellow Cherry Shrimp In Leeds Centre

    Hello, I'm looking to buy the shrimps mentioned above around 10 pieces, please. I'd prefer to meet up in Leeds Centre for the exchange, or I could walk to your place if you could guide me! :D Thank you very much! Ronald