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Can Some One Please Identify Problem

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Jul 16, 2013
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I need help to find out what's wrong with my dwarf gourami! It started today with a red cut on his bottom lip. I have pictures included. He has one rubber nose pleco, one Cory, two German blue rams and one ivory mystery snail as his tank mates in a 20 gallon tank. The tank is very clean, Clear water, perfect temperature, can some one please help?
Where are the pics? They are needed really in this question
Sorry I thought they loaded


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Oh dear, I have this very same thing...well, my Dwarf does. It's in exactly the same place and is of a similar size and description.
I thought it was a bite perhaps, but, now, I'm not so sure. 
Does he spend time at the bottom and could he have nicked it on a sharp stone/rock?
He is mostly in the bottom but no sharp/rough rocks. He eats, swims back and forth, and hasn't lost any color. Just that red thing appeared out of no where.
Here's another picture. Does anyone know what it is?


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I'm sorry to say, but it looks like the dreaded dwarf gourami disease!
I'd suggest seperating them from any other dwarf gourami as it is highly contagious.
Just one dwarf :( is there anything i can do? and are the other fish in the tank at risk?
If it is Dwarf Gourami Disease, then I think it's only DG that are affected. Perhaps someone else can advise, but, I might be tempted, just to get started on some kind of treatment, to turn the temp up a little. I was going to suggest adding a little salt but you have a cory in there and that's not good for them at all.
Maybe get the temp up and a good bit over 80 just for a start. Apart from that, if it is DGD, I'm sure there isn't much else you can do except limit the exposure to any other DG you have.
Good luck!
If it is DGD (aka DGIV, Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus) it is invariably fatal. As well as red sores and lesions on the body, the fish becomes lethargic and loses its appetite. Its body can also swell.
First thing, thank you every one for you information. It's crazy I woke up and looked at his sore and it's almost gone? I don't know what happen buy its going away. I wonder if it was one of the blue rams that bit him or something. But once again thanks for your help.

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