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  1. S

    Serpae Tetra bubble

    I’m pretty new to the game and just joined the forum. I have six Serpae Tetras in a 30 gallon tank. I had to leave the country for 3 weeks and had my wife feed the fish and plants. When I got back I noticed a bubble looking growth on one of my tetras. I tried to look up what it may be but...
  2. Bigirish87

    Can Some One Please Identify Problem

    I need help to find out what's wrong with my dwarf gourami! It started today with a red cut on his bottom lip. I have pictures included. He has one rubber nose pleco, one Cory, two German blue rams and one ivory mystery snail as his tank mates in a 20 gallon tank. The tank is very clean, Clear...
  3. kristynkarma

    Is My Gourami Sick?

    I have a male dwarf gourami named Ringo. I got him in mid-late June of this year, and he was fairly young when I got him. For the first month and a half or so that he was in my tank, he was vibrantly colored and highly active. But for about a month or two now he's been completely different. His...