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  1. Nells250

    Seachem Fluorite STILL not clean!

    Hello folks I have been trying to rinse half a bag of Seachem Fluorite substrate for MULTIPLE DIFFERENT DAYS now, spaced over a couple of weeks. No matter what I do, I can NOT get the water to run clean! I won't go into the absolute mess it has made in the house each time (outdoor hose is...
  2. P

    Platy has one cloudy eye. Please help!

    Hi I’m new to tropical fish in general. I got 5 Platy fish from my local store and have them in a 10 gallon tank. There are also two ghost shrimps. I’m posting today to ask about my fish as I am very worried that one may not be doing so well. It has one cloudy eye and red gills. The other...
  3. Fishies1996!

    Panda Cory’s Q?

    Hello All, I am very new to the fish world, so far it has been going pretty well, however, I never knew how much you needed to know and all the problems that can occur. We have had the fish tank around 6 weeks and have gradually added (in order) Ember Tetras, Honey Gourami, Panda Cory, Kuhli...
  4. un-erasable pencil

    Pleco has redness on edge of fin

    Hi, I noticed my pleco having some redness on the edge of his fin. I'm not exactly sure why but I suspect my tiger barbs are nipping him. Otherwise he eats well and doesn't seem to be stressed but I was wondering in anyone knows what this could be and what I can do about it. In case anyone is...
  5. Circus

    Large Cherry Shrimp

    My nicest looking large female shrimp. I do have others with similar or better coloring, but they tend to be smaller. She was born in my tank going on two years ago. Most of my large shrimp died when I had a tank crash. She is currently my largest red cherry shrimp as well. I only just recently...
  6. B

    Algae Identification, if that's what it is and discussion (pics Included)

    I have been fighting to figure out what this black stuff on my Anubias is. I presume its algae, but i have 0 phosphate, Nitrate, nitrite, & ammonia. The canister filter has been cleaned and replaced with fresh media. Not Pictured: I have 8 Otoc Cats and a few Amano Shrimp that wont eat this...
  7. B

    Panda Garra Red Tail

    I have some Panda Garras that are juveniles and none of them have any red on their tails. I have been seeing pictures of them on line with red on their tails. Do they get the red when they get older or do some not have red on the tail?
  8. P

    Is my Betta Ok?

    I bought my Betta about 2 months ago and she's been in a living in a tank in my dorm room. I don't have a heater but ive been putter her near a lamp and checking the temperature to make sure she's warm. She eats fine and swims normally except when she sees me she swims very fast towards me and...
  9. S

    Honduran Red Points x Convicts

    Hi all! I'm new to cichlids and am looking for any information on the Honduran Red Point/Convict cross. I bought six juvie HRPs after hearing they are a less aggressive convict type, later realizing that most if not all fish sold as HRPs are crossed with convicts somewhere down the line...
  10. V

    My Zebra Danio has a chunk missing? scab?

    Hi. I straight away i want to say I am not great with all the measurements like pH and all. but.. Few weeks age my danio was hiding away and rocking side to side. Then, it suddenly starred swimming around with other fish and swimming around alot. However his colour went pale. The moment he got...
  11. F

    Please help! Platy with mild dropsy, white fungus on head and body, bloating, clear/stringy poo

    I'm absolutely at a loss for what to do here, and I'd really appreciate any advice you guys can give me. Tank size: 23 gallons pH: No test kit ammonia: 0 nitrite: No test kit nitrate: 0 kH: 3-4 gH: No test kit tank temp: 26 degrees Celsius (78.8 degrees Fahrenheit) Fish Symptoms (include full...
  12. AquaPit

    A Dedicated Shrimp Tank!

    Finally! It's ready! I have been contemplating on setting up a shrimp tank for a few months back and now it has become a reality! I'm gonna be so addicted to this tank for sure! Even though it is just a cute, mini tank.. Hahaa! Info: 10litre(3 US Gal) Gex HOB Filter Cooling Fan 10xRed Rili...
  13. AquaPit

    Shrimp Dying Phenomenon

    Hi I have read somewhere that shrimps have a survival instinct where they will die for the sake of the new generation (in this case shrimplets). Especially the males. If I remembered correctly, they do so because they want the new generation to survive and if the adult Male shrimps die, the...
  14. AquaPit

    Video My Red Fancy Betta El Rojo's New House!

    A video: *Under Renovation*
  15. AquaPit

    El Rojo! The New Addition!

    Meet my most expensive fish yet... El Rojo!!
  16. mrstwalker

    Crown Tail Betta

    This is my Pretty boy Mistletoe. He is my absolute favorite betta fish I have ever had and my very first crowntail betta! I love him so much!
  17. benthyer

    Cherry Shrimp

    So I keep thinking about this more and more and now that I have finished stocking my tank with fish I am toying with the idea of adding shrimps. My only concern is whether or not they will be preyed upon by my fish. I have in my tank: 2 Pearl Gourami's 4 Zebra Danios 4 Guppies 4 Harlequin...
  18. Ryan10

    Video My Red Belly Piranha Feedings

    Here are a few of my Red Belly Piranha videos. It took over a year to put this shoal together. I started rescuing them from local fish stores. I was going to start with juvies but I saw two big guys in a very small tank with half dead goldfish swimming with them. I felt bad for them, so I bought...
  19. B

    Female All Red Delta Guppy Fry

    Hi guys just a quick one. Got some new stock about 6 months ago including a trio of all red big tailed guppies, v nice. Now ive let em too it 2 times now (the trio is young less than a year old) and ive got 2 batchs of fry about 50 in total. They are 4 weeks and 8 weeks old respec.   Now my...
  20. crunch7

    Help Needed To Save My Socolofi

    Hi all,   I found that my Socolofi had developed a red spot a week earlier. Despite doing water change and treating the fish with salt the red spot is increasing and now the fin is tearing apart. I have separated the fish however I dont know what to do. Please help me identify and cure this...