Help! Overstocked Tank

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Apr 17, 2013
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Hi guys! So, I hope first and foremost this is in the right section. This is the first time I've been in the hobby and trying to do it right. So, I've seen heard about every damn thing to do with the following dilemma, and just curious as to what I should do.
-10 gallon tank CYCLED (Have the Master test kit)
-LED lighting
-HOB tetra powerfilter 20
-10g heater ~~78 degrees
-5 tiger barbs (i know, yikes)
- 2 red tailed sharks (i know.. bigger yikes)
Here's how this S*$t show started..
I started my tank, went to petco (i know)
got everything i needed and a goldfish ( i knew somewhat about the cycling process
was doing 10 precent water changes weekly for a month
2nd month got the test kit and lighting system, once all levels were established I reterned the .28 cent goldfish and started looking at options..
The tiger barbs caught my eye. I was like sir, I have a 10 gallon tank thats now established, can I fit those? He obvi said yes. i asked how many could I fit, with growing space, reassured me 5 would be fine they grow to be an inch. I said okay could I put anything in there as a clean up crew? he advised me on getting 3.. YES 3 red tailed sharks because they are bottom dwellers..
the tiger barbs are about 1/2 inch right now
red taileds are about 7/16 1 died the first night so down to 2
Return fish to shop a or get a 55 gallon or bigger tank.
I've moved this topic to the Nano tanks forum.
The advice above is correct, neither species are suitable for a 10gallon tank.
If you have a click on this topic, here, you'll find a good list of species that are suitable. Research these, we have some species profiles further down the forum, and there are some good knowledge bases elsewhere on the internet ( is a good one), and you can always post on here asking for opinions.
Then you can go back to your fish shop and make an informed decision on what to buy, without having to rely on the sales assistant.
Definitely return them. Neither species are suitable. See my Nano Fish thread for suitable fish for your tank.

Tek oot.

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