1. SteakNShrimp

    Sick Tiger Barb?

    I just got 6 Green Tiger Barbs last night and noticed that one of them looked a little strange around the gills...they are very red. Also some of the Green Barbs are not as active/schooling. Is the batch that I got sick or are they just acclimating to my water? Should I take them back? It’s...
  2. M

    BGK + Tiger Barbs + Bristlenose??

    I just got a new 43 gallon tank and i have a small bgk (12cm) in it at the moment. If i add 3 bristlenose plecos and 10 tiger barbs, will i have a problem with aggression from any of the fish? Thanks if you guys have an answer.
  3. Vspeck23

    Cabomba Cuttings Re-Potting Help & Tips

    Hi all ! ive had my tank setup for over a month n a half now i think... Anyways i have 6 barbs and a cabomba plant in a little clay pot and i got it from the aquarium when i got my tiger barbs as i new they like that plant...    So they have been nipping it and eating it like normal and brushing...
  4. Vspeck23

    Tiger Barb Tank - Old Tank Revived

    Today I got my tank underway ! I had my tank sitting in the garden for a few years and decided to get it up and running. being very rushed to get it up and running resulted in having 3 quarters pre mixed water from one of my fathers larger tanks down stairs.   I bought an oxygenating weed i...
  5. S

    Is Anything Wrong With This Fish?

    I have a tiger barb that is starting to take the form of a previous large tiger barb that ended up dying. We did not know the cause. It almost looks like the fish is pregnant. Does anyone know what it could be or do tiger barbs naturally take this form? Please follow this link. My pic will not...
  6. elipilgrim

    Green Tiger Barb (Aggressive)/?'s

         Hey there everyone, I am fairly new to having a tank and only getting the initial cycling process near the end now.. It was a fish-in cycle, with a couple losses on the way but not many.      I have a 29 gallon tank with 3 plants in it at the moment. Here's a picture:      Inside are 8...
  7. G

    After 4 Months, All 4 Of My Tiger Barbs Were Found Dead This Morning;

    I woke up this morning to find all 4 of my tiger barbs dead.  Anyone have any thoughts of why?   55 gallon tank cycled for 3 weeks before adding fish have had fish in the tank for just over 4 months now 2 of the tiger barbs that died were of the first several fish I had populated the tank with...
  8. T

    Can A Tiger Oscar Go In A 20 Gallon Tank?

    I have a 20 gallon tank and really want an oscar. I found them at Petsmart and they are actually not that big to start with. Would it be okay temporarily until i upgrade within the next year?
  9. jwalser18

    Help! Overstocked Tank

    Hi guys! So, I hope first and foremost this is in the right section. This is the first time I've been in the hobby and trying to do it right. So, I've seen heard about every damn thing to do with the following dilemma, and just curious as to what I should do.   -10 gallon tank CYCLED (Have the...