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May 12, 2019
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I just got 6 Green Tiger Barbs last night and noticed that one of them looked a little strange around the gills...they are very red. Also some of the Green Barbs are not as active/schooling.

Is the batch that I got sick or are they just acclimating to my water?

Should I take them back?

It’s definitely not because of my tank as I just got them yesterday along with some regular tiger barbs and zebra loaches and those guys are very active and healthy.

And all my fish that I previously had in the tank are healthy and active.
Considering the ordeal fish go through being transported, dumped in an inappropriate tank at a store, chased around with a net, bagged and transported home, then released into a completely different/new environment no matter how good...it is a wonder any survive at all. Stress from all this is severe, so thee best thing you can do is to avoid any additional stress so the fish have time to settle in.
Ok, Thanks. Will turning the aquarium lights off help relieve the stress?
Ok, Thanks. Will turning the aquarium lights off help relieve the stress?

Some suggest this, but it depends. Your other fish (like all fish) need a regular schedule of light/dark so you don't want to be messing that about. There may be live plants needing regular light/dark.

I have floating plants in all my tanks without exception because they do a tremendous benefit for fish. This is a good way to reduce overhead light.
check your water quality and do a big water change if there is any ammonia or nitrite in the water, or if the nitrate is above 20ppm. Add some floating plants.

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