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Iriatherina werneri
Pseudomugil gertrudae, paskai, luminatus
swordtail characins, splashing tetras
Crenicara filamentosa, Apistogramma cacatuoides
An unusual Betta species, licorice or chocolate gouramis
to tag on to @Wills ... post, I have a group ( 5 ) of Panda Garra's, & they have become Mrs. favorite fish, easy to keep, outgoing, & playful, & peaceful... she always sits at the tank, until she finds all 5 of them, when they see her, they always come up and say hi...

I also have a couple Spotted Amazon puffers, & they know me, & come begging for food, whenever they see me... I'm sure there several fish that are that personable, but there is a lot of satisfaction to keeping a fish like that, as opposed to one that hides, when ever they see you...

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