1. D

    How many fish for my tank?

    Hey guys, I’ve tried to look online, and I’m getting a lot of contradicting advice, considering the variables depending on the fish I’m interested in. I have a 180-litre tank but only have 160 litres of water. I have a 200 Eheim pick-up filter and 200-watt heater to make up for heat loss...
  2. S

    Where to buy wild type gold/Chinese barbs

    Hi guys, For my first ever post I just want to know if anyone has ever had success finding green wild type Chinese barbs. I've been looking for about a week for a 90 gallon mixed community and have not found anything either at LFSs or online. I enquired about special ordering them through my...
  3. D

    Neon Barb bloated

    Hi we added some Neon Barbs around 1 month ago (aquarium been in the go for around 1 year). Do partial water changes around once a month, and test the water regularly etc. 1 of the Neon barbs is really bloated. Looking for any advice on how to resolve. All other fish seem to be fine. Thanks
  4. S

    Tinfoil Barb having Blood on its scales | Urgent help

    Hello, I have a tinfoil barb of age around 2 years. A week ago it was healthy, active and eating food regularly. But suddenly I spotted blood on its scales and it was spreading to its other scales as well. However, the fish is eating properly and active as hell even now. Please help me, i dont...
  5. Pugsnstuf

    Underrated rasbora and barbs that I found

    Rasbora Kobonensis Rasbora aurotaenia, Asoka barb, big spot barb. Look then up if you can. Some have solid information.
  6. G

    Pink Zebra Danios with Rosy Barbs ?

    (Dont mind my bad English) I have 7 Rosy barbs in my 40gal tank who are 1.5 - 2.5 inches in sizes. They were living with a gourami(3 spot). The gourami have grown way too big so I've given her back to the fish store. I saw there some beautiful pink zebra danios and was very tempted to buy those...
  7. P

    [HELP ME] What species are these two fishes ?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so sorry if the formatting isn't what you're used to :) As the title suggest; I need some help pinpointing which species of barb these two fishes are from(Photo down below) While I love fish, I know very little about them and how to properly keep them. Backstory...
  8. B

    Stocking my tank

    Hi guys, I just wanted to see if anyone had issues about how I want to stock my tank, and any way to resolve them. I am getting a 34L tank (almost 8 gallons I think), and am hoping to put in about 5 cherry barbs and a few platys, in that order. I think I would rather have the platys but please...
  9. Verminator89

    Dwarf Chain Loach

    Livestock: Dwarf Chain Loach Quantity: 10 Reason for sale: Too small to go into my upgraded 7x2x2 with the newer bigger cichlids inhabiting. Location: Coventry, West Midlands Collection ONLY. I will not be faffing about with posting i'm afraid. Price £50 for the group. Reasonably priced I'd say...
  10. C

    29 Gal Cherry Barbs Stocking

    Hi! So I'm pretty new to this and I have a 10 gal going strong rn. I made a deal with my boyfriend that at the end of the semester we can get a 29 gallon, which we are researching how to stock. We really want cherry barbs - as many as we can with maybe a centerpiece fish. I have no idea what to...
  11. Tool13x

    Paradise Fish compatability with Barbs and Danios?

    I have a 55 gallon planted tank that is currently stocked with Rosy Barbs, Odessa Barbs, Leopard Danios, Oto cats, and Zebra Loaches. Would I be able to put a Paradise fish or Dwarf Gouarami in there with the current stocking without any issues? I can relocate the Otos to another tank if need...
  12. SteakNShrimp

    Bloated Tiger Barbs?

    A few of my Tiger Barbs seem to have enlarged stomachs. I did some research and came up with - Swim Blatter Disease - Constipation - Dropsy But I’m not sure if my fish have these problems because they aren’t displaying most of the symptoms. They aren’t swimming weird, they are all eating, and...
  13. SteakNShrimp

    55g Centerpiece Fish?

    This is what I am planning so far for my 55g tank. - 24 Tiger Barbs - 5 Denison’s - 1 Rainbow Shark - 3 Zebra loaches - 1 Ram (maybe 2) - 2 Pictus Catfish - maybe a school of an undecided Tetra or Rasbora species Any suggestions on a decently large (but not too large) centerpiece fish...
  14. SteakNShrimp

    Sick Tiger Barb?

    I just got 6 Green Tiger Barbs last night and noticed that one of them looked a little strange around the gills...they are very red. Also some of the Green Barbs are not as active/schooling. Is the batch that I got sick or are they just acclimating to my water? Should I take them back? It’s...
  15. SteakNShrimp

    55g Tank Stocking list

    How’s this for a 55g tank? - 24 Tiger Barbs - 5 Denison’s - 1 Rainbow Shark - 3 Zebra loaches - 1 Dwarf Cichlid/German Blue Ram/Cockatoo Apistogramma (whichever I can find)
  16. SteakNShrimp

    Tiger Barb Questions

    So I have a few questions about Tiger Barbs. What variants are there and are they natural, or have they been dyed or something? I know of the - Regular Tiger Barb - Albino Tiger Barb - Green Tiger Barb - Long Finned Tiger Barb - StrawBerry Tiger Barb - Platinum Green Tiger Barb
  17. SteakNShrimp

    Will these fish work well?

    I have a 55g tank with a few fish already in and I’m planning on adding more. I was wondering if my stocking ideas will work well. Please give me any suggestions and advice for my tank. I already have - 1 Rainbow Shark - 1 Rainbow Fish (Boesemani) - 1 Zebra Loach - 1 Male Marigold Swordtail -...
  18. SteakNShrimp

    Fish acting weird please help!

    I have a 55g tank that houses - 1 Rainbow Shark - 2 Cherry Barbs - 1 Male Swordtail - 1 Zebra Loach I recently (yesterday) added 3 Tiger barbs 2 Green Tiger Barbs and 3 Albino Tiger Barbs as well as 2 Rose-line Sharks/Denison Barbs, a RainbowFish and a Blue CrayFish. The problem is one...
  19. A

    Gourami tank mates and numbers

    I’m cycling my 55 gallon and have a few ideas of things to stock it, but I’m not sure. I was thinking for sure some pearl or dwarf gourami. I do enjoy angel fish and barbs as well. I was wondering how many I should stock along with finding male/females to help keep the aggression down. I’m...
  20. M

    BGK + Tiger Barbs + Bristlenose??

    I just got a new 43 gallon tank and i have a small bgk (12cm) in it at the moment. If i add 3 bristlenose plecos and 10 tiger barbs, will i have a problem with aggression from any of the fish? Thanks if you guys have an answer.