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Jan 17, 2014
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Hello All, 
I just recently inherited a 55 gallon tank that was being occupied by a 8 inch Red Tail Tin Foil Barb and two 6 inch Pictus Catfish. The tank itself came with an External Hanging Agua-Tech 30/60 Power Filter and a External Hanging Aqueion Power Filter 10. I do recognize that Barbs are schooling fish so its recommended to have a few, but from what I can see or notice, the one seems to swim quite fine and like the space, he he. Now as for the two pictus, my guess is that the bigger darker spotted one may be a female, its bigger and its head seems smaller that the smaller pictus or not as broad. And not sure if I am correct but seems that the smaller one has a single type of nipple near the mid-section of its abdomen, where the other one does not. (Not sure if that means anything). The darker one seems to be a bit more territorial and aggressive, chasing the second one around. Other than the chasing they seem to get along fine. Only concern is that sometimes when one is chasing the other they seem to hit the tank glass at times making a loud thump, should I be concerned? Happens maybe once a day. Next question is... How big does the second possibly third Barb have to be, for the bigger barb not to pick on it or attempt to eat him. Final question is... What other type of fish can I add with the three that are already in there? Thanks in advance for all your comments and help. 
Some Tank specs are:
Temp approx 78'F, 
10% water changes weekly
Feed: twice a day once mid morning and once late evening
Ph: 7.8

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