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  1. Linkandnavi

    Angelfish and Rummy Nose Tetras

    There seems to be highly varying views across the web as to whether Rummy Nose Tetras will become an expensive snack for an Angelfish, with some saying they will and others saying Rummy Noses are too large and are absolutely fine. Does anyone have any real life experience, rather than...
  2. Cameronb_01

    Humu Picasso Triggerfish, Mombasae Lionfish And Blue Spotted Puffer Co

    Hi Guys,   I have just set up my marine aquarium and I am currently in the process of stocking it up with fish. It is a 450L tank and as of now has no sand, corals, reef, live-rock, inverts, fish etc... I was thinking in a ideal world of getting the following three fish. A Mombasa Lionfish, a...
  3. mcontra25

    New To Fish Hobby, Looking For Some Advice.

    Hello All,  I just recently inherited a 55 gallon tank that was being occupied by a 8 inch Red Tail Tin Foil Barb and two 6 inch Pictus Catfish. The tank itself came with an External Hanging Agua-Tech 30/60 Power Filter and a External Hanging Aqueion Power Filter 10. I do recognize that Barbs...
  4. S

    Tigers And Rainbows?

    Just got a 55 that came with 2 big fat tiger barbs, 1 blue gourami, and a pleco. They all seem to get along even though I read there should be at least 7 barbs. Can I try rainbows with them? Should I get more barbs first? Also liked the look of diamond tetras... What would you do?