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Angelfish and Rummy Nose Tetras

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Jan 3, 2021
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There seems to be highly varying views across the web as to whether Rummy Nose Tetras will become an expensive snack for an Angelfish, with some saying they will and others saying Rummy Noses are too large and are absolutely fine.

Does anyone have any real life experience, rather than conjecture? If I did this, the Rummy Noses would be introduced first and given time to grow a bit, and then the Angelfish would be introduced as juveniles.

Done it before and I wouldn't recommend it. While the angels don't hunt these fish during the day, they can certainly hunt the tetras at night. Just a day after adding tetras with the angels, I noticed that there was a head of the tetra lying at the bottom of the tank and I believe that one of the angels got one of the tetras. Mind you, I bought some of the largest rummynose at my LFS.
I thought my RMTs were too big to be eaten by an angel, but a couple disappeared. Then one day I caught my angel with a stripey tail sticking out if his mouth.......
I also saw one take a harlequin once, so yes, they can eat bigger fish than you might think and are not to be trusted!
Thanks both. Looks like that idea is out the window! I'll have a rethink...
I've had them together for years and I have never noticed any issue at all, and to be fair most of my rummy's have gotten pretty large. I've also never had any of the tetras 'disappear.' The only time I had an issue was when I kept them with discus, and once I heard the water slosh loudly and when I looked, the tail of one of the rummy's was sticking out of the discus's mouth. But I now have seven angels who are kept with rummy and emperors, and the angels completely ignore them. Obviously it's going to depend on the specific fish, but I have found that if you keep enough angels, they only really tend to pay attention to each other.
Like the comment before he has had good luck with tetras and Angels, but it is a hit or miss and mostly miss. Angels get large, I started out with ten Red Eyed Tetras and they get pretty big, with two small Angels. A few months later the Angels are huge and I keep losing Red Eyed Tetras, I see the Angels chasing the tetras and I have lost three so far. So you can take the chance, but be ready to rehome somebody if it becomes necessary.
Thanks everyone. I decided against. I'm not massively into taking chances. I'm not looking to create accidental feeder fish.
From long years of experience, large Angelfish will chase and eat any tetra that it can catch and fit into its mouth. Slow moving Neons are easily targeted. Large Rummynose are faster and several of them schooling will confuse any pursuing cichlids. My larger discus and angelfish generally leave a school of at least 4 Rummynose tetras alone. A sizeable school of Rummynose mixed in with a few angelfish is a lovely sight to behold.
Buenos Aires tetras for the win! They get bigger than most tetras, are active, and shoal/school like most other tetras. I have them with my blood parrot, convicts, and firemouth with no issues so far. They also act as big brothers to my much smaller x-rays I also have in the tank.
Buenos Aires tetras can be annoying fin nippers going after female bettas and small angelfish. Do not recommend as peaceful companions, especially in aquariums with many living plants.
Buenos Aires tetras can be annoying fin nippers going after female bettas and small angelfish. Do not recommend as peaceful companions, especially in aquariums with many living plants.
Everyone says that, I have a school of 8, jungle Val, Java fern, anubias, moneywort, hornswort, Amazon sword and Xmas moss with them. I feed them a mixed flake so it has veggies, which I did read helps combat the plant eating.

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