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  1. A

    Betta ate weird crystals

    I've noticed that when my water conditioner dries on the side of the bottle it leaves white crystals. Well today a crystal popped off the bottle and into the tank, and my betta ate it. Will she be okay? Here's an image of the water conditioner I use and a close up of the crystals
  2. KatNor21

    Betta eats a spider?? x'D

    Here's my beautiful betta. My son named him Goldie. 🤷‍♀️ This morning I went in to check on him and noticed he was investigating/pecking at something on the gravel. I was shocked to see it was a spider! A drowned spider and its abdomen looked crushed. I quickly took it out so my betta wouldn't...
  3. Linkandnavi

    Angelfish and Rummy Nose Tetras

    There seems to be highly varying views across the web as to whether Rummy Nose Tetras will become an expensive snack for an Angelfish, with some saying they will and others saying Rummy Noses are too large and are absolutely fine. Does anyone have any real life experience, rather than...
  4. K

    What freshwater fish eat small copepods?

    I'm getting back into the hobby, and have never had copepods in a tank before. I have an explosion! Rather than just kill these, what would eat them?
  5. T

    When Do I Put Guppies In Breeder Box

    I'm planing to buy a separate tank for my guppies to lay fry in, but for now, I have one of those breeder boxes with the V shaped thing for the fry to fall through. I already looked up when to put them in the breeder box but the only answers Iv'e found where to buy these plants for the guppy fry...
  6. M

    Guppy Fry Help

    I have had guppy fry for two months now and they are 1 quarter of the size of a fully grown guppy is there any way of speeding up growth.  Ohh and when can i add the to my comunity tank.
  7. Ryan10

    Video My Red Belly Piranha Feedings

    Here are a few of my Red Belly Piranha videos. It took over a year to put this shoal together. I started rescuing them from local fish stores. I was going to start with juvies but I saw two big guys in a very small tank with half dead goldfish swimming with them. I felt bad for them, so I bought...
  8. T

    Ropefish Will Not Eat!

    My new ropefish will not eat, it's been about a week. He is alone for now, looking for more friends. I've tried feeding him wafers, mealworms, freeze dried blood worms, ham, recently dead fish. He's about 10'' long, need help!
  9. Liv15

    Is Guppy Fry Sufficient Live Food?

    So I have 4 male guppies in my tank and I was thinking that I could get a few females which would then breed and have babies. I would leave them in the community tank to do this because I thought it would be a good way of providing live food for the other fish? So will this work and would the...
  10. Bettabuddy664

    Snail Problem

    Hi guys, I have 2 Chinese Algae eaters one is about an inch, and the other is about half an inch. Anyways, I also have 2 Apple Snails, 1 Black and 1 Gold. They are very active and outgoing, but the big algae eater likes to suck on their shells, which draws them back into their shells. After that...
  11. FungusTrooper

    Cory Trilineatus Refusing To Eat

    Hey guys,   I got two new cory trilineatus for my trilineatus/betta tank the other day. Both showed signs of stress, as can be expected, but right now I'm watching my original two and one of the new ones chowing down on a sinking shrimp pellet together. However, the other new one isn't fairing...
  12. LicianDragon

    My Neon Blue Goby Won't Eat!

    I bought a neon blue goby from Jack's Aquarium about a month ago. Hearing these guys are herbivores I bought some green seaweed for him(did not like that the first ingredient in any algae wafers was fish meal...). I have yet to ever see him eat and it looks like he is getting thinner. Should I...