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Sep 9, 2014
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Hi Guys,
I have just set up my marine aquarium and I am currently in the process of stocking it up with fish. It is a 450L tank and as of now has no sand, corals, reef, live-rock, inverts, fish etc... I was thinking in a ideal world of getting the following three fish. A Mombasa Lionfish, a Blue Spotted Puffer and a Humu Picasso Triggerfish. I have used compatibility sites however they do not really give me a concise answer. However on another string on a different forums someone said the following: "I think you are going to have mixed answers this one. I have had a dogface puffer, Picasso trigger and a Mombasa and radiata lionfish together with no problem." I was wondering if you guys had any experience or insights into this issue. Thanks very much in advance for your replies.
Best Wishes
P.S When keeping a venemous lionfish such as the Mombasa how do you feed and clean the tank safely?
P.P.S I know that neither cardinals or clownfish are compatible but do you know of any other small fish which could potentially work well with these three?

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