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  1. B

    New BTA

    Started Reefing around 8 months or so ago. After tank was fully cycled added 2 clowns and 3 nassarius snails (one died for some unknown reason but otherwise everyone seems happy and healthy). This set up was good for around 4-5 months so decided to add a bubble tip anemone yesterday. Acclimated...
  2. M


    My clown fish are looking kinda weird i need help! I have them for some weeks but now they look like they have e embossed skin?( You can see some white spots too, idk if its just the light) And are losing some colour on the top, they're getting kinda dark and one of them looks kinda on the same...
  3. eatyourpeas

    Puget Sound Biotope

    This initial post is going to be a bit long, since I am compiling steps that have taken place already. The beginnings of this tank came from collecting local specimens, and right now we have depth of 0' to 10' for the sake of convenience. I use a dry suit to go in the 50F water, no tank, just...
  4. D

    Setting up new Tank HELP NEEDED!!!!

    Hi every one, Dobby here. I always had fish growing up but this is my first foray into a marine aquarium. Naturally i go for a reef aquarium as my first attempt. My problem is Ph. It is WAY to low. 7.52 (seneye) and about 7.8 from a NTLabs test kit. I can not get it up enough. Tank: 220L, Red...
  5. D

    North Wales Aquatics Club

    I have seen several suggestions around forums and pages suggesting an aquatics club. However, apart from pages on a well known social platform, have not found any physical clubs. So I am here to say that I will be setting up an aquatics club for North Wales. I am in talks with several clubs...
  6. M

    Can anbody help me identify these fishes?

    Hi. Is there anyone who can help me identify these species? Or if anyone knows their Family, it would also be of great help. Thank you!
  7. fishperson100

    10 gallon marine aquarium?

    Hey everybody! So, I have thought of starting a saltwater aquarium, and I have a 10 gallon tank. Are you guys able to tell me what equipment I need, as well as stocking and maintenance? I know my options for stocking are limited, as it is a 10 gallon. Thanks for your help!
  8. tgwthf

    marine filter to tropical?

    Hello!, i'm new to the whole fish thin and recently was purchased a large 250L Aquarium ((was second hand)) that had everything with it, however, it was used as a marine tank and it has a large Aqua One Aquis 1200 external canister filter with it with all the media in there already but i was...
  9. T


    Hey guys I'm new to this site and new to the whole saltwater set up etc. I have got as much help and information from a local pet store who has many many years experience. One thing I need to ask is about the cycle! We have got a 96L tank, fully set up, sand at the bottom, fluval U2 filter...
  10. HarpyFishLover

    I'm Thinking About Getting A Saltwater Reef Aquarium.

    Recently, as in about a month ago, I got a small, 10-gallon freshwater aquarium. I love it so much, and I was wondering about getting a 29-gallon marine reef aquarium. Clownfish have been my favorites since I was only 2 years old. I want some tips on keeping saltwater fish. I don't think I will...
  11. Cameronb_01

    Humu Picasso Triggerfish, Mombasae Lionfish And Blue Spotted Puffer Co

    Hi Guys,   I have just set up my marine aquarium and I am currently in the process of stocking it up with fish. It is a 450L tank and as of now has no sand, corals, reef, live-rock, inverts, fish etc... I was thinking in a ideal world of getting the following three fish. A Mombasa Lionfish, a...
  12. M

    Customising Sump

    Hi all   New to this hobby, I have kept tropical fish for the past few years. But now its Marine time.   Yesterday I took delivery of my new EA Reef 1500. Comes with a sump. I am considering customising the sump a little. I am interested in getting hold of some filter socks along with a custom...
  13. J

    Oh Noes! Aiptasia Anemone?

    Hello friends!   I'm new to the forum and my experience is mainly with fresh water but a friend of mine recently gave me a basic salt water aquarium and it has a couple of anemones on the live rock. Once I got the tank home and setup I managed to find one but the other one seems to have...
  14. kiwi210

    Reef Safe Invertebrates?

    Looking to add some inverts to my tanks. Thinking either an urchin or starfish. I haven't started my reef yet but I know in the future I will be adding some zoas and polyps. What are some easy to maintain inverts that are also reef safe? 
  15. Colonials66

    Aquaone Reef 200 Protein Skimmer

    Hi guys,   Looking for a bit of advice if anyone can help me. I've been running an AquaOne Reef 200 tank for probably about 5-6 months now. I bought the set up second hand, it came with a protein skimmer the Aqua One AF-80L. From reading, this doesn't actually seem good enough for the tank...
  16. Colonials66

    Refugium In An All In One System?

    Hi all,   I have a saltwater tank, an Aqua One model, with the sump all in the back. Its been set up for about 6 months now. I have been reading about the advantages of running a refugium in the sump of a tank. My question is, would I be able to run one in the sump at the back, or for it to be...
  17. Donya

    Marine Aquarium Journals

    Go to Marine Aquarium Journals All journals, including marine journals are now in the journal section of the site.
  18. Fluval-1200

    Fluval Profile 1200 Tank For Sale. 75Gal 323Litre 4 T5 Bulb

    Equipment make/model/size: Fluval profile 1200, 4ft long by 24'' high by 18 deep Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Upgrading Delivery or Collection: Collection and you will need a couple strong people to help lift it Sales price: £450ono Postage & Packaging: None Location: Plymouth devon...
  19. jellychris

    Marine Or Malawi Mbuna

    Hi, I can't decide weather to get a marine tank (90litres or so) or a lake malawi mbuna tank (170litres, 4ft) Both marine and mbuna have pros and cons Marine: expensive coral and live rock, delicate salt levels Mbuna: extra filtration needed, expensive fish I just can't decide, does anyone have...
  20. G

    Sick Pipefish?

    Hi,     When I woke up this morning, one of my Pipefish (banded) appeared to be dead - it had arched its body about 4cm above the sand with either end just dug into the sand.   I isolated it this morning for about an hour and it did pick up a bit and was swimming again, so I put it back in the...