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Customising Sump

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May 19, 2014
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Hi all
New to this hobby, I have kept tropical fish for the past few years. But now its Marine time.
Yesterday I took delivery of my new EA Reef 1500. Comes with a sump. I am considering customising the sump a little.
I am interested in getting hold of some filter socks along with a custom sized holder for them. so that the water cannot flow over the socks to the next chamber but have to go through the socks to the next chamber.
My sumo dimensions are 12 inches front to back. 12 inches in length for the section where I want to put the socks and total height is also 12 inches.
Can any one recommend where I can get Perspex specifically cut to fit my sump? I would also like a lip on the sock holder to clip over the side of the sump.
Many Thanks
Most of the online plastic shops will do custom cutting. They will accept pictures with dimensions, tends to cost as much as the largest dimensions.
I've dealt with several of them and generally had very good and very cheerful service.

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