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  1. A

    Juwel Vision 180 with "Potential" Sump

    Hi All, New to the Forum and am looking for some advice, I have had a variety of aquariums over the years mainly with external canisters for filtration. I am wanting to branch out into a new set up but with a sump. looking at the Juwel Vision 180 (can not go bigger due to space) and i have...
  2. Barry Tetra

    Internal sump design

    I have unused 5 gallon tank and I wanted to try design the internal sump for it (Pandemic made me bored. I wanted to do some diy project.) I want my design to be on the side of the tank (like Fluval Spec 5...
  3. E

    Sump Setup Help

    Help! I just got a tank and have absolutely no idea how to use a sump. This is all the supplies I was given and this is the only setup I was able to get where the water flowed in what I believe to be the right direction! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. K

    without sump?

    Hello, I want start a new project. I would like use a filter Hydra without sump. What do you think? it's enough? maybe is better ad an other filter?
  5. agusf

    Above tank sump

    Hi all I have been thinking about installing a sump in a cabinet above my 36 gal (136 liter) tank. The surface it rests upon makes it virtually impossible to install a sump below but above is not at all impossible albeit with some mods. The tank currently runs a fluval 206 canister filter...
  6. Verminator89

    Sump Plumbing Help Needed

    Hellooooo! First post in nearly 6 years (probably!) Im trying to plumb a sump. Local plumbing shops have palmed me off, local Aquarium shops directed me to said plumbing shops and videos and threads I've come across haven't given me the confidence/answers i need. Has someone a good guide to...
  7. M

    Views on using a sump system for tropical

    In addition to my tropical tank I have a 400l marine tank which obviously filters through a sump which also houses a heater, UV lamp and a protein skimmer. (I know I won’t need the skimmer) I’m looking at upgrading my tropical to an 8ft 1000l one. I really like the sump system on the marine as...
  8. animalisterra

    sump easier than Canister filter?

    Im am trying to find the right filter for the 75 tank I will be getting. I read that canister filters can be harder to maintain. What are the pros and cons of both?
  9. RRaquariums

    73 gallon Vietnamese hillstream tank build

    Just a heads up it's a long post. You have been warned. It's been a while since I last posted on here or even got on at all let alone started a new fish tank. Been about 1 1/2 years since I last posted and in that time I had my 220 gallon reef tank which was a great success but ultimately I made...
  10. hudsona85

    Sump Questions

    Hello all!   I recently just bought a 90 gallon aquarium with a over flow system, stand, 2 different canopies, canister filter, and a 20 gallon acrylic sump tank. I am very new to using a sump tank for filtration and have no idea where to start. I am up for the challenge and just needed some...
  11. M

    Customising Sump

    Hi all   New to this hobby, I have kept tropical fish for the past few years. But now its Marine time.   Yesterday I took delivery of my new EA Reef 1500. Comes with a sump. I am considering customising the sump a little. I am interested in getting hold of some filter socks along with a custom...
  12. RRaquariums

    90 Gallon Reef Cube.

  13. G

    New Again

    Hi all, While i've been in aquaria for maybe 20 years I've recently downsized from a 150 FOWLR to a 90. It's been years since i've set a tank up but this one is 90 drilled with Sump with dual bags, Eshopps PSK200, Mag 12 down below. In the tank is a 2" live sand bed, about 40 lbs base rock...
  14. RRaquariums

    Help With Building A Sump.

    So I have a new 125 gallon tank that I will be making into a reef tank and I need help designing a custom sump for it. I have an old rimless 75 gallon glass tank I want to turn into a sump which means I need to reseal it and get it moved into a space I can work on it. I'd like any suggestions or...
  15. Colonials66

    Refugium In An All In One System?

    Hi all,   I have a saltwater tank, an Aqua One model, with the sump all in the back. Its been set up for about 6 months now. I have been reading about the advantages of running a refugium in the sump of a tank. My question is, would I be able to run one in the sump at the back, or for it to be...
  16. msebar

    My 180 Gallon (681 Liters) Build From Start To Finish

    Here is the location where my new adventure starts.  
  17. Colonials66

    Are They Any Good?

    Looking into starting life on the saltier side of fishkeeping, and am currently looking at tanks. Are tanks that have a built in sump system at the back of the tank any good? Or is it better to get a tank, drill it and install a sump beneath it? Thanks
  18. zoopkamol

    160Gal W/100Gal Sump Lake Malawi

    ok a few people asked me too do a journal of my 160gal tank with 100gal sump. Never done a journal before so bear with me so here goes.   setup consists of: Stand: metal 84"x24"x32" Lighting:t8 4' 32w x 4 =128w Tank: 84"x24"x18"  160 gallon Filter: 100gal sump with aquamedic or6500 pump...
  19. sputnick

    Would It Be Worth It?

    So I have an extra 10 gallon aquarium that I'm not using and I'm wondering if it would be worth turning it into a sump on my 45 gallon aquarium. I have some knowledge on how I would have to set it up and what not. I would probably use a marineland maxi-jet 1200 as a pump. I believe the out put...
  20. Spawnstar


    What is the difference between a refugium and a sump? Are they the same thing?