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Fluval Profile 1200 Tank For Sale. 75Gal 323Litre 4 T5 Bulb

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Nov 19, 2012
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Equipment make/model/size: Fluval profile 1200, 4ft long by 24'' high by 18 deep
Quantity for sale: 1
Reason for Sale: Upgrading
Delivery or Collection: Collection and you will need a couple strong people to help lift it
Sales price: £450ono
Postage & Packaging: None
Location: Plymouth devon
Photograph: On request, check google for pictures of it setup.

Looking to sell my fluval profile 1200 tank, these tanks are now hard to get hold of. It has a stainless steel finish and side opening doors, so its very stylish.

It can hold 4 t5 bulb, im including the bulb holders but not the bulbs.
It has 2 pre drilled holes in the corner which I have blocked off with some Perspex, id suggest removing this and fitting bulkhead's or using glass to cover it.
The gap for the hoses in the lid have been cut bigger to fit the large fx5 hoses.
Inside the cabinet there is various little holes from equipment being installed.

Its got afew scratches in the glass but these are hardly noticeable when full of water.

Sadly the cabinet got water damaged fro ma leaking pump, I have screwed large piece of 18mm mdf to the bottom to reinforce it, there is also some bubbles under the sticker on the lid.

It will be the cabinet, tank with background and lid with bulb holders included but no pump or any other bits (need these for my new tank)
Message me here or via pm, thanks.

forgot to say it includes a large piece of bogwood (wasn't cheap)
I don't know why but I cant edit this. Bogwood is no longer included, its now including 4 bulbs (2 GLO bright white, a fluo and a arcadia plant pro) I have found 2 bags of gravel which I will throw in aswell but you will need more.
Picture of tank as it is atm, bits of wood are under the tank to make it easier to lift. All the corner bars are there and lid..


Anyone interested in making an offer?
actually let me check with the missus first... she went ape last time I popped out and came back with a tank...
ahh well as long as you're not offended :) 
Lovely looking tank, wish I could offer you more.

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