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  1. W

    Tank size Advice needed

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice on what sized tank I need. I’ve been keeping fish for many years and decided it’s time to finally invest in my biggest tank yet for a predator fish I am aiming on buying 2-3 Bichirs (my dream fish) as well as some large tank mates such as Oscars, maybe even a...
  2. Linkandnavi

    My new 193 Gallon Planted Build

    So my custom sized.193 (us gallon/731 litre) tank arrived on Friday, for the second time. It first arrived the week before Christmas but they'd damaged one corner during delivery and it leaked. Collected with argument, replaced over Christmas and now delivered once more. Manhandled through an...
  3. A

    Buying A 240 Gallon Aquarium

    Hello everyone,   I have fifteen years of experience in the tropical aquarium hobby. I have owned several different types of fish and size tanks. Currently I have 6 55 gallon fish tanks and 1 120 gallon fish tank which have accumulated throughout the years. However, I would like to upgrade a few...
  4. Fluval-1200

    Fluval Profile 1200 Tank For Sale. 75Gal 323Litre 4 T5 Bulb

    Equipment make/model/size: Fluval profile 1200, 4ft long by 24'' high by 18 deep Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Upgrading Delivery or Collection: Collection and you will need a couple strong people to help lift it Sales price: £450ono Postage & Packaging: None Location: Plymouth devon...