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Mar 29, 2020
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Colwyn Bay
I have seen several suggestions around forums and pages suggesting an aquatics club. However, apart from pages on a well known social platform, have not found any physical clubs.

So I am here to say that I will be setting up an aquatics club for North Wales. I am in talks with several clubs from the USA and other countries to see how their clubs work.

The club will engage in social activities, auctions and other such pursuits in line with the hobby. Monthly and annual shows and competitions will also play a part of the club. An example would be that January 2020 the competition was most natural habitat in the aquirium for fish type, with a given heading being amazon etc. February 2020 would be Pacific ocean, Australian coral Coast and so on and so forth. Points would be awarded and prizes sourced.

Advice will be shared between members and made available by helpful links to anyone else.

The club would cover all aspects of the aquarium hobby from tanks and equipment to stocking and care. The club would deal with cold, tropical and marine watered aquiriums and those that inhabit them.

If this sounds like an idea you would like to get involved in then message me and I will add you to the list.

The planning is still in the very early stages but I believe that this suggestion would be beneficial to the hobby.

Obviously at the time of posting this, Convid 19 (corona virus) is still a strong threat and gatherings won't happen physically at present.

I will post more updates as I have them.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.

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