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[HELP ME] What species are these two fishes ?

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Aug 13, 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm new here so sorry if the formatting isn't what you're used to :)

As the title suggest; I need some help pinpointing which species of barb these two fishes are from(Photo down below)

While I love fish, I know very little about them and how to properly keep them.


You might be wondering after all I said why I have fishes. The answer is quite simple, my little sister, wanted some fishes. My parents decided to buy two fishes for her without really inquiring about what species they were; all my parents knew is that they had bought (according to the assistant that helped them) two barbs, presumably a male and a female.

Lately one of the barb (I presume it's a female since it's slighly larger than the other one) has been acting strange, is there anything I should know about these ?

Thank you in advance for any help,
cordially, Pepefied

Welcome to this place.
Tiger barbs.
Careful what else gets put in with them as they’re manic. Like kids on a 24/7 sugar rush. Should really be kept in a group of 8+ Very active around the tank. You could get the more normal tiger coloured ones and the green ones they’re all the same and would provide a bit of variety.
Someone else will be along to ask about tank size and water hardness etc. They’re not suitable to small tanks.

edited to alter suggested group size.
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Go to Seriouslyfish.com and insert tiger barb into their search facility. It’s the most informative fish website out there.
Water hardness shouldn’t be a problem as they’re very very adaptable though need a decent sized tank 800mmx300mm base.

If the tank size is ok then they’re a great fish for kids as they’re very very very very very active around the tank. There’s always something going on in there.
If I was setting up a tank for kids I’d get em. Get equal numbers of the three colour strains as teams and three arches. The teams score a point every time they swim through an archand more points when they swim through their specified arch.
It’s what we did as kids. Loved it. It was the 70s. The internet, vhs/dvds, gaming hadn’t been invented. Kids these days....etc etc etc
Hmmmm. My tanks 760x300 would that be ok everyone? I’ll be back in a minute.....just popping over to eBay to price up three arches....

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