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  1. J

    No Ammonia, no nitrites, or nitrates after 3 weeks fish-in cycle.

    I'm currently cycling my planted 29 gallon tank going in to week 3 now. And there's no detectable ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates with my API master kit. The kit is not expired and is reading nitrates and nitrites on my other aquarium. I let the tank run for about two weeks use with some bio...
  2. J

    Nitrite Spike, Not going down after multiple water changes.

    The other day one of my fish died overnight in my established 10 gallon. I tested my waters with the api master kit and my nitrites were off the charts purple. My ammonia is zero and my nitrates are about 5 ppm. My kit is not expired and it reads zero nitrites on my tap water and my 29 gallon...
  3. A

    What’s wrong with my mom’s blue lobster

    Hello, I’m pretty new here. My mom has a blue lobster named Denny. When we went to vegas he was fine. We had someone there to take care of him, but he molted while we were gone. When we came back we saw what looked like legs or something coming from his side and his side is dented. These things...
  4. Dreamkiller

    Dwarf corydora not growing

    I have 3 in the same tank from the same date. 1 is quite large, 1 is medium and the other still looks like a baby? The small one is healthy and seems happy and I ensure all 3 get food direct to them, so why is this one simply not growing? Any help appreciated They are in a heated, planted...
  5. B

    Added Too Much AquaSafe?

    Heyo, this is my first post on here because I’ve been worried about something. I have a 10 gallon tank currently waiting for active filter media to cycle, and I added in some AquaSafe from tetra. On my bottle, I swear it said ‘add two teaspoons for every ten gallons’, so I added in two...
  6. H

    Can someone tell me what this is.

    I have a cherry red shrimp tank and I have noticed that they have started to have babies (whoo hoo). I have also noticed two of these moving about but have no clue what that are. Can someone tell me. Ps. I also have assassin shrimp in the tank to. Thanks
  7. B

    Adding new plants to my co2 established tank

    Hi guys, I have a 36 gallon tank and was wondering what do you guys normally do/how is it suppose to be done when adding a new plant that wasn’t living in a co2 tank and transferring it into one that I dose daily with liquid co2. If that even makes sense? It’s a Madagascar lace Unfortunately...
  8. M

    Females acting funny?

    Hi! I’ve had 6 female bettas for around 4 months. They where fine but unfortunately 3 have died ( old age for one and swim bladder for the others 2) I know have 3 left, however 2 are displaying mating kind of tendencies? Is this normal? I noticed yesterday a bible next sort of thing forming...
  9. YourReptileFanatic

    african sideneck turtle

    african sideneck turtle named taco is currently in a 10 gallon tank any suggestions for his upgrade?
  10. K

    Powder Blue Gourami Scale Loss

    Hey there! I have had my powder Blue Gourami (name is lightning) for few months. When I got him, he was beautiful and doing great. I've noticed over the last few days that he's losing his scales. I have noticed that one of the fish goes after him occasionally but he's a Chinese algae eater. My...
  11. K

    PLEASE HELP! Gigantic Molly Unexplainable - Photos and stats included

    Hey y’all! I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to tank things and what I lack knowledge on, Google to the rescue. But this one has me all sorts of confused. I “adopted” this Molly 3 months ago. My local fish store has a “Kae Tank” that he puts fish in that he can’t sell for...
  12. N

    Dwarf Snakeheads Guide?

    Need some help on this fish(channa sp. redfin)snakehead, can they be housed with tankmates? Water temp? Feed? What substrate is best for them?
  13. A

    Betta ate weird crystals

    I've noticed that when my water conditioner dries on the side of the bottle it leaves white crystals. Well today a crystal popped off the bottle and into the tank, and my betta ate it. Will she be okay? Here's an image of the water conditioner I use and a close up of the crystals
  14. G

    Guppie with inflated blobs

    Hello everyone!! I was wondering if anyone knew what was wrong with my guppie. He seems to have these strange blobs on his dorsal fin, I’ve done some research and can’t seem to find the answer on how to remove the blobs. I do a 25% water change once per week. His behavior is quite normal too he...
  15. N

    EMERGENCY- tetra having a white patch on side???

    Hi, I recently got 6 tetras and when I checked on them tdy, i noticed that one of the big tetras had a white spot on his side. The white patch was mot fuzzy or anything but I’m thinking that it may be neon tetra disease. The tetras r also in a 10 gallon with 6 other guppies. The water quality...
  16. Lo Ki Gorgeous

    What's wrong with my guppy/ tank?

    Hello everyone I'm afraid I'm not sure how to add a video on here, but I'll try to explain what's up with him. Sorry if this is a bit long. But I appreciate the help. My guppy started swimming very erratically yesterday and was swimming up and down from the bottom to the top several times...
  17. N

    Serpae tetras always slightly/barely falling but twitching to stay balanced

    Hi! I got 2 serpae tetras last Saturday and they always go twitch to stay balanced. My water parameters are fine and they are in a 10 gallon tank with 5 guppies and 3 tetras. I did some research and they are suppose to twitch swim but I’m just worried. Is there behavior normal or is there...
  18. N

    Why are my guppies getting rlly bloated?

    Hi, I bought some guppies a little over a month ago and I’m realizing that some of them are getting rlly bloated. I don’t know if it’s from dropsy or overfeeding. I have 5 guppies in a 10 gallon. I just don’t know what to do! Ammonia-0 Nitrie-0 Nitrate-20 Here is what one of them looks like!
  19. Y

    Betta Breathing extra heavy after Jungle fungus cure

    I just added jungle fungus cure three hours ago to treat my betta for columnaris but now he's breathing extra heavy. I added the correct dose but I'm scared that I poisoned him! Should I do a emergency water change or is it too late?
  20. H

    Bronze Corydora female is panting

    I noticed a couple of days ago that my big female bronze cory was panting. Normally they move their mouth/gills when eating food, but she does this constantly now and has never shown this behavior before. Other than her mouth/gills moving rapidly, she also goes up for air a bit more than usual-...