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  1. A


    EMERGENCY!!!!: I purchased a betta 4-5 days ago and he was put in a heated and filtered 2.5 gallon tank. I noticed he had fin rot shortly after purchasing him but he was eating just fine. This morning I woke up to him with white fuzz covering him (I’m guessing fungi) and most of the color gone...
  2. S

    Is my ballon molly pregnant?

    Heya! I’m a beginner hobbyist and I recently got a 36gal tank. I had 5 guppies before, all female. As expected they had babies so I got a bigger tank. I now have some ghost shrimp, cory catfish (small ones), my guppies, a mystery snail, and a ballon molly. My ballon molly has been acting really...
  3. K

    Possible fin rot or fin nipping? What is the best course of action?

    Good evening all! I have a long fin danio that I noticed today has his back fins separated into three parts, all my other leopard danios don’t have fins like this so I got concerned and separated them from the others in my quarantine/hospital tank. I checked my water parameters and my ammonia...
  4. Halawrence

    How to ammonia levels down

    Hi guys! So I have a 5.5 gallon fish tank with a betta and a mystery snail. They get along great which is nice. However, I am doing almost 75% water changes weekly. Today, I tested the water and the ammonia was 2.0 ppm. I water change every Saturday. I am really having problems keeping his...
  5. K

    Amano shrimp acting strange

    Hi! Have had my tropical tank for 6 months now. I keep amanos in here as well as a few fish. I have noticed tonight that he is acting really strange. He shed his shell this morning but he is sort of lay around twitching and lying on his side/back. Is he going to die? ☹☹ he will get up every...
  6. S

    I don't know what's wrong with my danio!

    Hi, I'm very new to this forum, as in just joined haha, but I joined because I've been doing research for a few weeks to find what is wrong with my zebra danio and nothing seems to match. Her name is Lilly and she's currently in a hospital tank, she's been isolated from her other two buddies...
  7. K

    Balloon Molly Pregnant? also appears to be distressed

    Hello! My first ever time reaching out to the fish community for some help. My Balloon Molly (Spot) who has previously had fry appears to be pregnant (Although I'm unsure). Spot has the 'birthing canal' which looks like a white tube near her anal fin. She's white and very reflective so I cannot...
  8. F

    What next?

    I setup a tank that has 6 neon tetras, 1 Siamese algae eater and a live plant as that is all I decided to get at the time. Was wondering what to get next
  9. T

    Dwarf guarami problems

    I have a blue dwarf guarami in my tank that is not eating even when I put food right in front of him, and is losing color from his back end.i don’t know what to do and I need some help. I have a 20 gallon long with 2 mollies 2 sunburst platties 2 dwarf guaramis (including that one) 2 cory...
  10. R

    Red chin

    I have a black moor goldfish in a 10 gallon tank who has a red spot under his chin. I only noticed it within the past week and I’m not really sure what it is. I tested the water and just did a change and everything is normal. Is it bleeding? If so what do I do?? I tried to take pictures the best...
  11. W

    Malawi Cichlids

    Hello All, I have recently inherited 4 Malawi Cichlids from a friend who could not accommodate them. I have had them for a month now and were originally around 1.5 inches. I’ve seen some growth maybe the largest one not far off 2 inches, but not quite. However I’m currently keeping them within...
  12. R

    White Spot on Betta

    Hello all, I am a bit worried about a white spot I spotted on one of our little guy’s scales. Any idea what it could be? I’m worried it could be the start of ick but worry about starting treatment without knowing the cause. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  13. J

    Id plec and whats this orange thing

    I need help to identify this plec and whats the strange orange bulb on him im abit worried
  14. Danni4

    How many betta and corys can I put in my ten gallon tank?

    So I've had this tank for a while, but recently the goldfish I had in it died after it's mate did, I was wondering how many Cory catfish and betta fish I could put in it without it being a danger to any of them. The tank does not currently have gravel but it does have a heater and heavy duty...
  15. S

    Ammonia is not going down

    I’m new to the forum and I need your help and everyone has probably had to deal with this question. My ammonia levels are high and I’ve tried everything, water changes 35-50% water changes daily adding api conditioner, feeding every other day or every 2 days. This has been going on for a week...
  16. B

    Stocking 65l aquarium

    I have a 65l planted tank currently stocked with 6 cardinal tetras, 6 orange eye lemon tetra and a panda gara. Do you think I’m fully stocked or is there any room for more? It’s been running for well over a year and I’ve had no problems so far I was thinking about a dwarf gourami or maybe a...
  17. Meg0000

    Corydoras substrate?

    Hi, I was wondering if corydoras or loaches could live on clay gravel (the flourite one) or it would hurt their *barbles*(not sure of that word since I speak french lol)
  18. Meg0000

    Help! Paradise fish

    I don't know if the behavior of my juvenile paradise fish is normal, my fish breathes at the surface since it is a labyrinth fish but like sometimes he does it multiples time in a row and also he/she swims left to right of the tank really fast non stop. I also think my paradise fish feels lonely...
  19. A

    My Betta is Sick! Please Help!

    Hi, good evening! I'm fairly new to fish-keeping. This is my third fish, Vodka. He is a male betta (like my previous two) and ever since I got him he was very active and curious. He would always be aware of everything going on around the tank and would rush to the food whenever I fed him...