help advice needed

  1. K

    Thinking I Need to Rehome My Fish

    I absolutely hate to think this but I honestly don’t know what else to do anymore besides just start over. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and really think they’re suffering for it and at this point, I don’t know what to do anymore. My only main problem rn is that I just don’t know how to go about...
  2. S

    Free tank and fish to give away!

    Hi everyone, Need some help ASAP if at all possible! Sadly, my Mum passed away earlier this year. She left behind a decent sized tank with a few tetras and other tropical fish. I haven’t lived at home with her for a while but my brother still lived with her, however, he has no intention of...
  3. S

    Never ending ammonia issue

    Problem is we keep getting ammonia spikes, we changed water daily and it went good now it’s back to crap. Today the worst it’s been since sitting at 4. Question is I currently have the fish in a 100L tank. But I also have a spare 25L tank. Should I start cycling this tank, if so how long before...
  4. R

    Is my platt pregnant? Or prolapsing?

    Hi guys, My Platy fish has become a lot larger over the past month, obviously females are bigger than males anyway, but we were sure they were pregnant and the fish shop thought so too. We separated her but she never gave birth, and has a white thing poking out of her Anus sometimes. We placed...
  5. C

    Is my Betta ok?

    I’ve had my Betta about a month now and today I spotted this white/grey stuff on his tail. Is this a sign of disease? Or has he just got something stuck on there? His behaviour has not changed, he is still swimming around, eating and coming to the front of his tank to be sociable. He has a...
  6. bianca_m35

    Corydoras wont stop dying

    Sooo I'm really starting to get frustrated. I had 9 panda Cory's, 6 peppered corys, and 6 bronze corys. I'm left 5 bronze and 1 peppered Cory. Well I got 5 new peppered corys and now one of my bronze corys died. So peppered corys and 4 bronze at the moment. They eat a very big range of foods...
  7. Convictlover

    Ongoing 0.25ppm Nitrite Problem With Water Changes

    Help! My tank is cycled and has been running for over 6 weeks. All my levels have been great up until last week. My nitrite spiked at 1.0-2.0ppm. I did a 50% water change and it dropped to 0.25ppm straight away but has now been stuck at 0.25ppm for over a week. I have been doing 30-50% water...
  8. F

    guppy with mass in stomach area

    there is a red growth on the guppy i put in some medicine but i don't know if i need to do anything else or what it is
  9. A

    Betta Slime coat/receding fin

    Hi! I've had a betta fish for a few months now, and with every water change his fin recedes and has long tears along it. Initially I was told it was most likely fin rot, and I tried using bettafix and trisulfur tablets which helped a little, but would never cure his tail leaving it as bad as it...
  10. shaziasadiqah

    Anyone know what's this on my honey gourami?

    hello, i have noticed that my male honey gourami have been making bubbles and chasing the female, i know he is a bit harsh on her too so the female usually hides all the time. but, today i saw this on her, it almost looks like just a wound (probably caused by the male) but i'm not sure. the...
  11. R

    Guppy Fry

    Hello! Can someone give me some tips at caring for 160+ guppy fry. My aunt wanted to throw her sons guppies (I separated them by gender the first time I got them) so I decided to adopt them since my brother has been wanting some for a while now, and noticed that 3 of them was pregnant, the...
  12. jessicarf00

    help! - high ph in betta tank

    i made a post last night about how my betta is breathing heavily and pacing after doing a water change. today he isn’t pacing as much but still seems to be breathing heavy. i just tested the water and the ph looks like it’s around 8 - 8.2. yikes! is this what’s causing his behavior? how should i...
  13. jessicarf00

    betta pacing & breathing heavily

    i got my very first betta, harry, two weeks ago today. today i did his first water change and took out about half of the water and replaced it with conditioned water (tried to keep it about 80 degrees.) i didn’t notice him doing this immediately after the change, but recently he’s being darting...
  14. Dopatri

    HELP! My Betta is close to death!

    UPDATE: Unfortunately my fish passed away shortly after posting this. I did however take some gorgeous shots of her scales. I’m absolutely in awe of the photos. They look majestic, at least I can remember her by looking at these photos. I want to share them with you. My female Betta isn’t...
  15. B

    Help!!! Betta Sick??

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I have a problem with one of my fish! I have a young male butterfly half-moon betta in a community tank (he's very a very gentle soul). Yesterday I found him 'stuck' behind the water heater (now I know bettas are notorious for sticking themselves places they...
  16. Missjane1995

    Is my ember tetra pregnant

    Hello Everyone! Im new here. I've had my fish for quite a few months now and they've all been doing fine. I watch them daily so usually notice anything thats off or strange behaviour. One out of my six ember tetras has a little bulge under them and seems to be at the tops breathing radically...
  17. AquariumCookie

    New Mystery Snail Refusing To Sink

    So I just got a golden mystery snail along with two other black mystery snails one mystery snail in my 10 gallon completely fine my other black mystery snail in with my golden mystery snail in my 20 gallon and the black one is completely fine while my golden mystery snail refuses to sink to the...
  18. E

    Freyed Guppy Tails

    I have 6 male guppy’s and they all seem to have some type of trauma to the tail, some look freyed and split and others look like chunks are missing. I’ve been monitoring this for a while and removed fish and ornaments incase it was overcrowding problem and still hasn’t improved. I’m wondering if...
  19. E

    Black mould in tank

    I’ve only recently become a fish owner! Started my tank about 6 months ago, I’ve noticed some algae or mould furry looking on my castle ornament and wondered if this is harmful or dangerous? And if so the best way to get rid of it ☺️
  20. R84achey

    2 lemon tetras dead in 24hrs no obvious signs

    I’m so confused right now & sad right now. I’ve had 2 lemon tetras die in 24 hours. I’ve obviously removed them and there’s no obvious signs of illness or injuries. My parameters are ph 7 ammonia zero, nitrite zero and nitrates in the 5-10 range. I’ve had the tank set up around 2 months now, it...