green tiger barbs

  1. SteakNShrimp

    Sick Tiger Barb?

    I just got 6 Green Tiger Barbs last night and noticed that one of them looked a little strange around the gills...they are very red. Also some of the Green Barbs are not as active/schooling. Is the batch that I got sick or are they just acclimating to my water? Should I take them back? It’s...
  2. G

    Green Tiger Barbs

    Hi I have 8 green tiger barbs in a 150 litre tank, they are the only fish in the tank and it has been cycled. One of them, the largest, and I believe female (red nose), is relentlessly chasing the others. She'll chase one and then as soon as she loses it, chase another. All day long. There's...
  3. F

    Albino And Green Tiger Barbs Mating?

    HI everyone,   Over the past few days I have noticed that all my fish (mentioned in the title) are huddling together. Some have gone in pairs others have stayed together. I am not sure if I am correct but is this a form of mating occuring? Any suggestions would be great.   Many thanks,  ...
  4. F

    Green Tiger Barbs - What Can They Live With?

    Hi everyone,   I just wanted to ask what green tiger barbs can live with? At first I wanted gouramis but after watching them fight and what people say about the gourami's fins being nipped I have decided to go with small fish but I can not find any small fish that will live with them. For...
  5. F

    Will Green Tiger Barbs, Opaline And Golden Gouramis And Boesmai Rainbo

    Hi everyone,   I just wanted to ask whether green tiger barbs, opaline and golden gouramis and boesmai rainbow fish live together ok? I do not mind if there is some fighting but not to much.   These are the stocking plans for the fish:   Green tiger barbs - 5 to 7   Opaline gouramis - 2 Golden...