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  1. S

    Where to buy wild type gold/Chinese barbs

    Hi guys, For my first ever post I just want to know if anyone has ever had success finding green wild type Chinese barbs. I've been looking for about a week for a 90 gallon mixed community and have not found anything either at LFSs or online. I enquired about special ordering them through my...
  2. L

    Pleco what is on his barbel? Advanced help needed

    Cross posted on planetcatfish with no help. They are some sort of ciliate or flagella organism I believe? Kite shaped armor plating or it really looks like brown coral. They don’t appear to be spreading according to my naked eye. Hasn’t appeared to spread. He had this when he was shipped to me...
  3. S

    Tinfoil Barb having Blood on its scales | Urgent help

    Hello, I have a tinfoil barb of age around 2 years. A week ago it was healthy, active and eating food regularly. But suddenly I spotted blood on its scales and it was spreading to its other scales as well. However, the fish is eating properly and active as hell even now. Please help me, i dont...
  4. S

    Two spot barb with a Bent spine

    I saw that this barb had a bent spine in my 110 gallon and seemed to keep getting stuck in the plants. I removed them and quarantined for about a month. They seem to have adjusted to swimming with a bent spine. They are still fairly active and move around when I get close to the tank. They have...
  5. D

    Drape Fin Barb — Females dying and injured!

    I have had a shoal of Drape Fin Barb (oreichthys crenuchoides) for over two years and they are fantastic. It's been wonderful watching them grow up. I started with three males and three females, but have lost two females recently and under strange circumstances. They have always seemed happy...
  6. primsloaches16

    Please help!! What do i do with my Female Injured Cherry Barb?!

    Hey yall! Havent posted in awhile, mostly everything has been going great except for the thing I noticed today. I moved my cherry barb school (12 barbs, 9 females, 3 males) to the 20 gallon tall, solo. They're the only fish in there. Today we had a power outage, so their filter wasnt working for...
  7. mbsqw1d

    Odessa Barb: Do I have any females? (video)

    I have 13 Odessa Barb and now they've coloured up I'm starting to think they're all males? Could anyone check this video and see what they think? ta
  8. mbsqw1d

    Get another tank

    I've recently added 13 Odessa barbs to an existing 12 peppered cories, and the barbs have since made the tank their own. Which is perfectly fine. I'm very fond of corydoras, and before the barbs, they were thriving and spawning. But I'm now noticing some of the cories have slightly nipped fins...
  9. D

    Drape Fin Barb unexpected fry — help!

    Hi freshwater fans, Brand new to this forum and hoping to get some much-needed advice. I have a heavily planted 70l community tank containing six Drape Fin Barbs (three males and three females), four male guppies, three dwarf corydoras, and a pleco. Everyone gets along famously, and I was happy...
  10. yardsales

    Hi, I'd like to update my filter.

    Hey guys. I was wanting to upgrade my filter because I feel like it would be a great benefit for my fish. Currently, I have a Golden Gourami, a Flame Gourami, a Rose Barb, and 2 guppies. I currently have a TopFin 20-gallon hexagon tank...
  11. E

    A stocking question

    Just wondering if I could I add cherry barbs? Current stocking is: 6 otocinclus 5 duplicareus corys 7 bronze corys 6 neon dwarf rainbowfish Ph is 6.8/7.2 Water hardness is 13 degrees German but softened by tannins and Indian almond leaves. Tank is 101x41x50cm (about 55 gallons). Thanks!
  12. E

    Stocking 200 Litre

    What do you guys think of (for a planted): 8 x Cardinal Tetra 7 x Silver Hatchetfish 6 x Emperor Tetra 5 x Pentazona/Odessa Barb 6 x Adolfo Cory 6 x Bronze Cory 1 x Siamese Algae Eater (True one, not false or flying fox etc.) Ramshorn Snails Cherry Shrimp
  13. E

    55 Gallon Stocking

    Hello, Just wanted to get some opinions on my stocking for a planted 55gal: 2 x German Blue Ram 5 x Pentazona Barb 6 x Silver Hatchetfish 8 x Cardinal Tetra 6 x Bronze Cory 6 x Adolfoi Cory And then if this goes well and I want more, I'll probably get a pair of Golden Rams. Thoughts?
  14. mbbowman

    Returning to the Fish World

    Hi! I was a member here long ago, back when I had a lovely 38 gallon plantic tank with my favorite Botia kubotai and tiger barbs. Between two moves and building a house, my tank has set empty for probably 6 or so years. We finally finishing our basement, and now my eyes are set towards a new...
  15. M

    BGK + Tiger Barbs + Bristlenose??

    I just got a new 43 gallon tank and i have a small bgk (12cm) in it at the moment. If i add 3 bristlenose plecos and 10 tiger barbs, will i have a problem with aggression from any of the fish? Thanks if you guys have an answer.
  16. K

    Needing help A.S.A.P!

    So I have a small shrimp colony in my 30 gal. I was wondering if I could house Cherry Barbs and some Fancy Guppies. If so, how many of each do you think. My tank could be considered heavily planted, my filter is established well, and I have a good amount of experience in the hobby. Thank you.
  17. E

    What fish should go with my Senegal Bichir?

    I am currently planning to stock a 90 gallon tank. It is currently completely empty, and filtration isn’t a problem, because I am willing to add more if needed. I am planning to put a Senegal bichir, but I don’t know what other fish should go in as well. I am interested in ropefish and Congo...
  18. Chippers255

    Only My Tiger Barbs are Dying?

    As the title suggests I have a community tank but only my Tiger Barbs are dying. I woke up this morning and everything seemed fine, an hour later 2 were dead, 1 died this afternoon, and 1 died this evening. Does anybody have any idea what could affect my tiger barbs only? So you have a bit of...
  19. E

    Aggressive Fish, goldfish, and tanks.

    Hi! I'm posting in a bunch of forums because I really need help... At my job we have a fish tank and its not doing well. They have had it for years, far before I started, and the staff who used to take care of it left. Since then it was periodically taken care of by someone else, but the tank...
  20. S

    Who has attacked the barb!

    Hey guys bit of a problem! Purchased a few new fish a few days back including 3 melon barbs and a figure of 8 puffer. Now the store assistants informed me that the figure of 8 can be a bit nippy but should be compatible with my tank as i have no long finned fish. Today however i have woken up to...