1. Dephea

    Bala shark not eating / only eating daphnia

    I recently moved homes and not long after replaced my gravel with sand (mainly because vacuuming a 150L tank with gravel was a pain in the butt). 4 days ago I noticed that 1 of my bala sharks stopped eating. He got skinny and just chilled by the filter a lot. I ain't no pro but I decided to...
  2. Tttay89

    My friend accidentally had his filter AND heater off for two weeks!!! HELP

    Right... My friend is getting rid of his fish and tank and moved It into his kitchen two weeks ago. I assumed he filled it up again when he moved it down...however... I went there yesterday to rehome some of his fish. And I was shocked to see it only half full with no water pumping through the...
  3. E

    Lone Rainbow Shark with Rainbows

    Hi again. Just looking for a little insight as to how this setup might sound for a 55 gallon (hard water at 13 degrees G, near 7 pH, 101cm x 41cm x 50cm, live plants, lots of driftwood). I currently have: 8 Bronze Corys 6 Duplicareus Corys 6 Otocinclus 6 Neon Dwarf Rainbows I was wondering...
  4. H

    Advice, 120 Gallon Freshwater Tank.

    Hello, Currently have a 30 Gallon Tank with 2 Blue Crayfish, looking at expanding. There is a seller online looking to sell his 120 Gallon Tank with Stand, Marineland Filter, space media, air pump and 2 light ballasts. For a pretty fair price. Other than the decorations for the tank, any...
  5. kuzyaburst

    Red-Tailed Shark In Community Tank?

    I contacted a guy who has lots of experience with many different fish, and I asked him if it is ok to keep a Red-Tailed Shark with my list.... he said it's risky but you can try it. Also said something about its individual personality. I don't know if I want to take the risk though... Is the...
  6. N

    Rainbow Shark Temp Help

    Hello,   I went to the pet store to get a fish today. I am a new fish owner and the man was helpful as far as food when it came to the fish I chose (rainbow shark), but he failed to tell me that he was a tropical fish. I know he needs a heater now that I have been doing research on him. my...
  7. mrstwalker

    Tanks And Paradise?!

    My interests are Tetra tanks, breeding tanks ect. I love community tanks! My new loves are the Bala Shark!    I am a huge fan of Betta Splendens!    My husband and I travel to Key West often to snorkel (why I named this post Tanks and Paradise)   Visit my page to learn about my fish and tanks!
  8. jangjang

    Multiple Predator Fishes In A Tank

    Hi everyone..    I am new with fishes and starting to get serious in this predator fish thing..   I bought some Predator fishes yesterday, planning to combine it with my Bigger Alligator Gar..   I Bought: (They are all around the same size, except the Albino Bichir) - 1 Spatula Gar - 2 Alligator...
  9. X

    Black Labeo/ Black Shark And A Synodontis For Sale

    Description: Hi, we are having to sell our Black Labeo/black shark. He is a beautiful fish and we have added a link to a video of him for you to see. He would make a brilliant centre piece for a large aquarium. He's currently 6/7inch. His species is listed as aggressive but this guys pretty...
  10. N

    Please Help!

    Please help! I have a beautiful 8" long pangasius who I've had for three years. She is my pride and joy and the first thing people notice when they walk in to my house.   Lately she has been getting a little bit podgy looking (I just thought it was the fact that my boyfriend likes to hand feed...
  11. jwalser18

    Help! Overstocked Tank

    Hi guys! So, I hope first and foremost this is in the right section. This is the first time I've been in the hobby and trying to do it right. So, I've seen heard about every damn thing to do with the following dilemma, and just curious as to what I should do.   -10 gallon tank CYCLED (Have the...
  12. J

    Bala Shark Sitting At Bottom Of Tank Not Moving

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong pleace, but I just had a question about one of my bala sharks.  Last week I bought 3 bala sharks, and I currently have them in a 10 gallon tank.  I realize this tank is much too small, but I was misinformed at the...