Black Labeo/ Black Shark And A Synodontis For Sale

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Sep 5, 2012
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Description: Hi, we are having to sell our Black Labeo/black shark. He is a beautiful fish and we have added a link to a video of him for you to see. He would make a brilliant centre piece for a large aquarium. He's currently 6/7inch. His species is listed as aggressive but this guys pretty friendly, the video shows him at his grumpiest. He's mainly a vegetarian so he does eat some plants and loves veggies especially courgette. He's a big personality in the aquarium and we are looking for a really good home, open to offers on price. These guys aren't seen very often. He likes to circle the front of the aquarium and also sleeps/rests vertically in a corner. He will also hand feed.
We also have a 4/5inch synodontis catfish for sale who can go with him otherwise we are open to offers on that too. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Viewing welcome. We are in Cheadle, stockport(nr Manchester, sk8)
The catfish that makes a brief appearance at 7secs is not a Synodontis, I suspect it is a Pimelodus spp. (blochii perhaps)... Just in case this is the fish thought to be a syno in the advert. ;)
That is a beautiful shark! If I were a bit closer I think I might take it off your hands! How big is that tank though? Looks a bit small for the inhabitants.
Yes sorry the synodontis doesn't appear in the video. The catfish that does appear is pim pictus.
My tank is 190litre so yes too small for the black shark, hence him needing a new home.
He's I'd a lovely fish and whoever has him will very much enjoy him x
This is the synodontis, not the best pic as tank light was off x


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