Advice, 120 Gallon Freshwater Tank.

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Dec 26, 2017
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Currently have a 30 Gallon Tank with 2 Blue Crayfish, looking at expanding.
There is a seller online looking to sell his 120 Gallon Tank with Stand, Marineland Filter, space media, air pump and 2 light ballasts. For a pretty fair price.

Other than the decorations for the tank, any other equipment needed to run this tank?

In terms of fish, I most likely will be going the Rainbow Shark and Bala Shark route, and maybe a few other smaller fish with them, ones that are compatible.
So my second question would be what would you recommend in terms of maintenance, how often would you change a percentage of the water? Do these filters last a long time? Is the electric bill going to take a big leap or won't be that noticeable?

Any other advice would be helpful, including any other stock you would recommend in there.

Thanks in advance!

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