Bala shark not eating / only eating daphnia

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May 3, 2021
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I recently moved homes and not long after replaced my gravel with sand (mainly because vacuuming a 150L tank with gravel was a pain in the butt). 4 days ago I noticed that 1 of my bala sharks stopped eating. He got skinny and just chilled by the filter a lot. I ain't no pro but I decided to defrost some daphnia and using a pipette squirt it next to his little face. He ate a few chunks, not much but it was a start. Since then I've been doing it daily and he is actively swimming now, especially during feeding. He is only little so I'm trying with smaller food first.

Question of the day is - can I feed daphnia every single day until he perks up and gets chubbier. I have 4 sharks and I can easily see the difference in their size, I also have frozen bloodworm that I intend to go for soon. I did add little tetra food into his pipette and he is eating it sometimes too so I have very high hopes but don't want to screw it all up by giving too much of the same food. I don't overfeed him and usually try to only aim the pipette at him when the rest is munching on the dry food, the healthy fish are usually only getting leftovers* of what the sharkie left

Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrites 0ppm
Nitrates not sure, waiting for the drop test to come as mine ended last week, never had problems with the water though

* they get proper daphnia and bloodworm meals too, both defrosted and live :)
If daphnia is the only thing he will eat, you can keep doing until he looks healthy again. After that, you need to slowly ween him off of it.

Fish need to have a variety of food fed to them.
Thank you.

When you say 'ween him off of it' - is there a method I need to follow or is it okay that I slowly introduce other bits of food into his pipette? At the moment daphnia works best, I asked my LFS to get me some live foods too and I started adding other food today starting with smaller ones first , is that okay? I monitor what he eats and what he spits out so planned to feed him based on that and just slowly mix it up a bit

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