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  1. Dephea

    Bala shark not eating / only eating daphnia

    I recently moved homes and not long after replaced my gravel with sand (mainly because vacuuming a 150L tank with gravel was a pain in the butt). 4 days ago I noticed that 1 of my bala sharks stopped eating. He got skinny and just chilled by the filter a lot. I ain't no pro but I decided to...
  2. A

    Rock advice

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of advice please. I currently have a 125L tank running tropical and I love rocks and all things natural. A friend of mine has just downsized his marine tank and has some really good sized rock he wants to give me. Would i be able to put them in my tank? I dont mind...
  3. T

    Want to do the best by my fish!

    Hello All, Firstly a very good day to you and I hope everyone is keeping safe! I understand my question may be a bit clichéd to all the experienced aquatists out there but please bear with my rookie questions; I have a fresh water aquarium with a lone bala shark, a pair of small (Approx 4cm...
  4. S

    30gallon tank stocking ideas

    so I’ve upgraded to a 100gallon and transferred my community from the 30gallon to the 100gallon .... mainly because my 3 Bala sharks are 6 inches now and my 4 gourami are 3-4 inches, few rainbows and a bristlenose plecostomus. I want to restock my 30 gallon but I don’t know what to do.... I was...
  5. S

    Happy Tanks

    ok so I’m new here. We all need help from time to time ..... this is why I sought out a forum in the first place, was for advice. On the flip side .... I would like to see everyone’s happy fish, your proud moments, your aquascapes, your monumental centrepiece fish, anything like that. Something...
  6. H

    Can I add 2 more?

    Hello, Current setup is as follows. 120 Gallon Tank, 6 Feet Long. MarineLand 530 Filter and a Rena/API XP3 Filter. Livestock: 2 x Bala Shark 2 x Rainbow Shark 2 x Ropefish 6 x Tiger Barb 1 x Angel Fish 1 x White Crayfish (Extremely friendly, I got lucky, have pictures of him standing...
  7. S

    Hi, My Name Is Skye! (I could use a little help)

    Hi everyone, My name is Skye Phan. I have a 50 gallon tank with 3 medium size bala sharks, a 5" common pleco, a 2" albino bristlenose pleco, 5 longfin zera danios, 4 neon tetras (I had nine, but they have neon tetra disease. I am hoping to replace these with more danios), 6 albino cory catfish...
  8. S

    Bala Shark Emergency - 1 Year Old Swimming Upside Down For Second Day

    Thank you! Sorry! need advice. We had two Bala Sharks for approximately a year. Both gorgeous and lively and healthy. Yesterday we did a water exchange of approximately half our tank (75 gallon tank). We were gone for a couple hours and when we came home one Bala was upside down on bottom of...
  9. J

    Help Me With Ideas For What To Put In My Tank

    I just put my fish in my tank and i only have a rock and two plastic plants. This is why i need ideas for what to put in it and where. I have an idea to put alot of plants on the right for a little forest but idk tell me what you think.I have 2 Oscars, 1 Senegal bichir, and 1 bala shark but ill...
  10. J

    Bala Shark Completly White Almost Help!

    I got a new bala shark around 3 days ago and its been acting perfect, eating, and being very active. But i left for one day with no lights on and when i came back to feed him it was completly white almost. I dont know anything about the pH and ammonia levels at the moment. I have a albino oscar...
  11. amdijefri

    Please Confirm My Diagnosis

    Hello everyone,   In my community tank I have a bala shark with what I believe to be an injury on its nose. Other family members state it was not there two days ago. The injury is about 2mm wide. If I had to describe it, I would call it a burst blister. Opinions sought and much appreciated.  ...
  12. D

    Bala Shark (Silver Shark) Wound..

    I took on a 5" Bala Shark (Silver Shark) about 2/3 months ago due to him being attacked by Tin Foil barbs in his previous tank, he had a little open wound near his rear fin his starting to lose scales and the wound has gotten bigger after it started getting better, a local aquarium suggested I...
  13. mbeer21

    Finally Found A New Home

    Yesterday I finally managed to rehome my 8 inch Bala shark. I was very sad to see him go, but he's going on to a 6foot tank with the possibility of moving to a 12ft after that, so I'm sure he'll be much happier there than in my little 3 foot tank Funny, even though I wasn't his original...