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  1. P

    Sick Platies :-(

    Plattie looking sick I have a 25l tank with 2 platies, 2 corys and a shrimp. I recently added one of the corys and the shrimp and now one of my platies is sick. :-( he seems to be clamping his fins, has stringy poo and I have seen him flash a few times but only when feeding off the bottom of the...
  2. Shoumega

    My Fish Have Been Infected With Parasites!

    Hello, i'm new to the forums and I have a serious issue with my 36 gallon planted aquarium...   How I think my tank got infected with the parasite: Yesterday I introduced two angelfish into my tank I had purchased at an independently owned pet store (I should have known better as there was...
  3. Kabernick30

    New Tank Concern

    Recently 3 of my 6 fish have died due to what appears to be a internal parasite causing dropsy. I currently have nothing to treat the tank however im curious if ishould treat it or is it to late as it seems to be spreading. Also would transferring gravel, driftwood and filter media to a new...
  4. A

    Sick? Stressed? Ich? Molly

    I got a fish a few days ago all ammonia level and nitrite is good and so is nitrate however one of my mollies has a white dryisish spot near its tail here it is 
  5. D

    What Type Of Parasite/worm?

    I have a goldfish that suffers from some sort of parasitic infection. The symptoms are a bump that appears near the head or dorsal fin and grows for several weeks and then finally bursts. It looks like there was a worm inside however it doesn't look like the usual Anchor worm photos I've seen...
  6. Corykeeper

    Catfish Dying

    Over the past week I have had 2 brand new emerald cories die and a bushynose pleco die. they all were acting normally until I come back from classes to see them keel over. all the other fish seem relatively unaffected. The bushynose also died in a separate tank, both tanks have good water...
  7. E

    Golden Danio Parasite

    Hi everyone,   I'm definitely an amateur compared to most of you.  I have 3 golden danios in a 2.5 gallon tank.  Even though it's not much, I've had the fish for almost 4 years and they've become important to me.   About 4 days ago, I noticed one of the fish wasn't eating.  Two days later, a...
  8. L

    Disease In Tank - Help - 1 Gone Already

    Hello all,    I have a disease in my tank which seems to be slowly spreading. Any advice/feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance   About a month ago I had my Dwarf Neon Rainbow die from an unknown disease. here is what happened.   He had pop eye a few months back, but I treated him for...
  9. bloxplayer992

    Help! My Fish Have Ich!

    my fish have white spots! so far my neon tetras keep dying from it and one of my otocinclus appears to have a white spot on it's extremely panicked since ive added that green super ich cure. i really dont know much about my water quality since this is my first tank and i need to know...
  10. D

    Can't Identify This Disease/parasite Plz Help!

    I have recently noticed that my angelfish has two strange white tubular like structures protruding from its face, the longest just above its eye. It refuses to eat and I have noticed an odd spasm. I cannot find anything on the web that looks like it apart from white spot. Does anyone know what...