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  1. A

    Bloated gorami, please help

    My gorami has been very fat for a very long time almost 2 months now. He wont eat at all. Iv tried peas he wont eat them. Moved him to my hospital tank tried medicating the water. Didn't help. Regular water changes have perked him up. Hes still swimming around fine. He hangs around the heater a...
  2. G

    Skinny Guppies dying

    One by one my guppies are getting skinny ,arched back like and trying to swim along the bottom of the tank and stopping then trying again to move and within 2 days dying . So far 2 have died it's seems to be the female's. Iv been watching the poo and its mostly brown . I have 2 x 20 gallon tanks...
  3. Rae87

    Polyp-like Growth

    Why is there a coral growing on my fish? I’ve never seen a parasite like this before. On close inspection, it looks almost exactly like a coral polyp. The fish is active, and somehow managing to eat well. Ph: 5.5 Kh: 8+ Nh3Nh4: 0 No3: 5 No2: 0.3 Has anyone ever seen this before?
  4. B

    Bettas problems

    Hey, one of my bettas (bleu) has bloated up. its persisted for about three weeks so I doubt its dropsy. I've fasted him for a few days and have given him multiple epsom salt baths to no avail. he remains active and lively (hiding from me mostly out of fear of the salt baths.) I can't tell if its...
  5. E

    What the heck is going on in my tank?

    Hey guys, I've been in the hobby off and on for over a decade. I don't have any home tanks, but I have a 40 gallon planted tank in the office which I hadn't been properly maintaining for awhile due to health issues in my family. It had a low level of stocking (a mixed school of boraras, a...
  6. B

    Mass fish deaths

    Freshwater fish constantly dying! Hi all. New to posting on this forum but have been following threads for quite some time. I've been keeing fish for some 20 years. Parameters. Tank 75gal. Cycled for 2 months fishless cycle. Substrate: caribsea moon sand Filter: sunsun 304b (450gal/hr) Two...
  7. C

    Blenny Raised areas - Diagnose

    I came home and spotted my Blenny swimming around. I noticed two raised "pale" almost like areas on him. He seems to be breathing abit more and swimming just a bit awkward. I've noticed in the tank that a small blue eye tang is chasing him alot and has even pushed him out of his house. I don't...
  8. P


    hi all! :) i'm new to fishkeeping and i need some help on identifying what sickness my cory has. about 2 weeks ago i got 2 albino corys and 6 neon tetras. the corys seemed to be healthy. a few days later, i noticed that one of my corys had a split tail and short dorsal fin (as if they were...
  9. V

    Sudden Change In Fish Behavior Overnight

    Hi everyone, So just yesterday my fish were all swimming around happily in my 29 gallon planted tank. I got this tank a while back, cycled it for two to three weeks, and just added the fish two weeks ago. The fish I had were: 6 guppies from my previous tank, which was running for four months...
  10. R

    White Grub look alike in Tropical fish tank

    Hello, I'm pretty new to owning a tropical fish tank, ive always had cold water fish, I bought a pre-used fish tank with all the items and fish, the fish that came with it are: 2 albino catfish, 2 snails, 3 clown loaches, 2 plecos, 4 gouramis, 1 zebra catfish and 5 head and taillight tetra, its...
  11. Flinkbag

    Clamped Pectoral Fin In Elephant Ear Betta

    Hey all!   I returned home to find my beautiful Elephant Ear Betta, Raj, has one pectoral fin clamped ('stuck' is a better word for it, it looks like its plastered to his body!) to his side. It appears to only be half stuck to his body, because he can still move the bottom portion of it. The...
  12. 1

    Problem Started Wiith Black Moor, Now All.

    Less than 3 weeks ago, my fish started gaping at the tp of thee water non stop, all day long. Then the black moor got a white streak of something down by it's nose. I thought it was some kind of output from the moors body, like mucus or otherwise, but now, just 2 weeks later, the moors head is...
  13. B

    Unknown Illness On New Otocinclus' - Fungus?

    Hello friends,   A few days ago, I brought home four otos. They appeared to have some minor ick (no surprise,) so they are in quarantine and being treated with Kordon Rid-Ich Plus. However, now it looks like something I'm unfamiliar with - maybe a fungus - is spreading among them. The dots are...
  14. simonero

    Appropriate Ich Meds/tx For Sensitive Tank

    Hi all,   My BGK has some nasty ich that went undetected for who-knows-how-long because I cannot see it when he is in his favorite spot or eating.  I'm guessing that the higher activity level preceding my noticing it is not a good sign.  In this freshwater tank I also have a tiny loach, apple...
  15. S

    Urgently Need Advice

    Hi, I have a 75litre freshwater aquarium, water conditions normal on test strips and water is conditioned(been having a misty water issue but it is improving), carbon integrated filters and heated of course. (1/4 water change - 2 days ago) 3 male mollies, 9 female mollies, 3 molly fry, 1 female...
  16. C

    White Bumps Near Fish's Mouth?

    Hello all, see the attached photos of white bumps that have appeared near my male Ram Cichlid's mouth.   I don' believe it is ich because they protrude quite far. The first one showed up about two weeks ago and the second bump just started to form. I'm not really sure how to proceed with it. Can...
  17. R

    Perhaps A Pesky Parasite?

    Hello,   I have been struggling with a sick fish and i'm at wits end trying to diagnose what ailment the platy has. I have included a diagram of the feces of the fish. I think i may be dealing with a parasite but I am not sure.   I have treated tank with Maracyn 2, the fish seemed less bloated...
  18. Wreckzone

    Sick Neon Tetra

    Hi everyone,   I have a 6 gallon tank with 4 neon tetras living in it at the moment. About 9 months ago I lost a neon tetra when my water quality got low due to rotting plants. I believe the neon tetra had parasites because when it died (I watched the whole thing happen) it released a bunch of...
  19. M

    Growing Lump On Bottom Feeded

    I have a bottom feed with some mass growing on it's fin. Not sure what to do and where to start to treat it. I quarantined it in a seperate tank and do weekly water cycle. I am new to aquariums and fresh water tanks.
  20. Dmbandstef

    What Is Wrong With My Fish?

    My fish have been twitching their heads, rubbing on rocks, and one of my cories ( the only cory showing signs of illness) keeps swimming to the top for air. I have been treating with mardels quICK cure. It treats multiple illnesses but I do not know whats wrong. Please help!