new tank

  1. Ingrid

    Fish recommendations

    Can anyone recommend fish for my new 60 litres tank ? It is a tropical tank with a filter , light and heater .
  2. TheRainbowRoseExperience

    Three months in.

    Hello to all reading this thread, I am a novice to both forum posting and aquariums. I did look after a fish tank for a short time 20 years ago but that was pretty simple, feeding & maintenance. Wanting a pair of Betta fish for his birthday this year, we went to our local aquarium supplier...
  3. Octillery

    Nano tank, planted, fishless cycle + Pics

    Hi guys. First post. Returning hobbyist after 15 years! I have ordered a 29L/6.4gal aquarium which I am going to set up for a single Betta. I've never kept a Betta before so what I'm hoping is for someone to give some general advice. I will be using fishless cycling and using fairly fine...
  4. R

    Platys-pregnant or constipated??

    this seems like a stupid question, but i really don’t know. I’m not even sure if they are male or female. We got them from a neighbor when they were babies about 2 months ago. How can you tell the difference? I gave them a few peas today to see if that helps? 2 of the 3 have a bloated belly, the...
  5. J

    Stocking 125L tank

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but have had various fish tank setups over the years & was looking for a few opinions on the stocking of my Juwel 125L tank. After finding the tank in my loft and excitedly deciding to set one up again, my first thought was that I hated maintaining the huge...
  6. V

    Transfering filter media from internal to external system

    Hi everyone, I'm setting up a new (bought used) aquarium with an external pump and filter for the first time. My question is about transferring sponge filter media from an internal pump & filter, eheim pick up series. The external pump & filter is eheim 250 and has different filter media. One is...
  7. L

    A few questions

    hello I’m relatively new to the hobby of fishkeeping, I’ve had a betta a for a few years (in a 10 gallon) but have finally gotten a 30 gallon that is finally cycled, I had some issues cycling it as my city uses chloramine in the water but it’s there now. I know I’m going to add 3 platies and...
  8. S

    New snail eating new plant?

    i just got a new tank today along with a good mystery snail and a Crypt plant. I just noticed the snail eating my plant. I read that they only eat dying plants so does that mean my plant is already dying? I don’t want it to get eaten. I took a video but it won’t let me post it on here. I saw the...
  9. A

    I was tricked, now I need guidance.

    So, I'm super new to this. Some how I got roped into getting a fish tank -per my husband- for our 3 year old. (facepalm emoji) Yup. I was all set to get a Betta and a 2.5-5 gallon tank. The prices for these small tanks we're almost as much as for the tank 'we' settled on. a 13 gallon...
  10. S

    What to do After Anchor Worm Infestation

    Hello all, Long story short, after battling an anchor worm infestation for 3 weeks all of my goldfish have passed away. I drained the tank and my canister filter but how long should I wait until I add new stock to restart my tank? I know anchor worms are parasites and cant live without a...
  11. B

    Ammonia Refuses To Go Down!!! :(

    Before I get into my issue, let me give you some background info about my tank. Tank up time: 1 1/2 months (Started at the beginning of April) Size: ~52 G/182 L Type: Freshwater Filter: 2x 6-inch bar airstones, AquaOne 600 Filter Substrate: Small tan/white/brown gravel substrate approximately 2...
  12. B

    Dying fish - we're new to aquariums!

    Hi Everyone! Hoping someone can help. Long story... We have a 5 week old 20 gallon tank. This is our second tank...three months ago we started out with a 10 gallon. We had 3 platys and 2 guppies, and one of the platys had babies. 4 survived. We had one platy that seemed sick for several weeks -...
  13. C

    New Tank with Blue Gouramis

    So I'm new to the hobby and I've started up a new tank 25 gallon tank. After preparing my set-up, waiting until my wood stopped floating, I decided yesterday to finally add some fish to the tank. After visiting the shop several times and watching the fish and doing my research I finally decided...
  14. ameliagb

    new tank..

    Hi everyone! got a free 20 gal and had some left over stuff anf some plants i could spare from my other tank and set this guy up... now the fun part, WHAT should i put in here ? schools of something ? or an axolotl ? or one beta fish with the best life ever ? lmao
  15. K

    30-40 gallon Fish tanks ??

    im wanting to purchase and new 30-40 gallon fish tank since I want to add more fish, and also have some fry that will be moved in there. What are the best 30-40 gallons out there or the best brands of fish tanks???
  16. V

    New Tank

    Looking to buy a 5 gallon with a 'hidden' filter that doesn't get in the way when cleaning or aquascaping. It would also be a bonus if it had a built in heater so I don't have to have the ugly thing handing on the back of the tank. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. C

    Setting Up New 125 Gallon Planted Tank

    I just got a 125 gallon tank for super cheap (it just had a small leak I neeed to seal). The largest tank I have right now is only 20 gallons, so this is sure to be a completely different beast. I have a few general ideas on what I want to do with this tank, and was hoping for a few suggestions...
  18. L

    Should I Change My Bettas Tank?

    Hello, I've had my fish for about 2 years now and he's not the same fish that he used to be. He's a lot bigger now and he's been sitting at the bottom of the tank all the time now. Is Would buying a new/bigger tank be too much of a change for such an old fish or should I just let him live out...
  19. ameliagb

    tank mates for my potentially semi-aggressive tank

    Hi there! I currently have a 55/60 gal tank (its rounded in the front so im not 100% sure on the size) but it has good floor space and lots of swim room. I have 2 small bichir polypterus that keep to themselves I only see them during water changes and occasionally when they're eating or darting...
  20. M

    General 20 gallon tank questions

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum and this is my first time running an aquarium on my own. When I was younger my Dad and I had one together. I have a few questions for you! But first, a summary of my tank conditions. I have set up and cycled a 20 gallon (tall, not wide). I just put in two male...