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Jun 12, 2019
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hello I’m relatively new to the hobby of fishkeeping, I’ve had a betta a for a few years (in a 10 gallon) but have finally gotten a 30 gallon that is finally cycled, I had some issues cycling it as my city uses chloramine in the water but it’s there now. I know I’m going to add 3 platies and Kuhli Loaches to the tank but am not sure how many Kuhli Loaches I should add as I’ve seen varied numbers suggested and I’m not sure what I should add with them. My ph is nuetral, my water hardness is just barely soft, and my nitrites and ammonia is 0 with my nitrates bieng slightly on the higher side due to the chloramine but will be doing regular water changes and there is anacharis, anubis, and java fern in the tank as well as a moss stick.


Feb 25, 2009
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It would help to know the exact number of the GH. "Barely soft" can mean very different things, I have seen very soft water described as moderately hard until the numbers were known. You can probably ascertain the GH from the water authority, check their website for water data. We need the number and the unit of measurement (there are several).

While waiting for that, platies are livebearers and all livebearers must have moderately hard or harder water (and a basic pH, meaning above 7.0). A neutral pH is unlikely over time as it will either move higher or lower than 7.0 but let's see the GH.

Nitrates...what is the number? "Slightly on the higher side" may be OK or not depending upon the number.

Kuhli loaches are shoaling fish so a group is needed and I would not go below five. They also should have sand as they like to bury themselves, and lots of hiding spots like chunks of wood. You may not see them much during the day, at least initially, but sometimes they can remain quite nocturnal going forward.


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