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    A few questions

    hello I’m relatively new to the hobby of fishkeeping, I’ve had a betta a for a few years (in a 10 gallon) but have finally gotten a 30 gallon that is finally cycled, I had some issues cycling it as my city uses chloramine in the water but it’s there now. I know I’m going to add 3 platies and...
  2. R

    Stocking Gourami for 30 Gallon tank

    Hey guys, I’m getting my largest tank yet soon, and I’m hoping I can snag a 75 gallon, but I’m having trouble finding one for a reasonable price. I’m thinking I’ll have to settle for a 30 gallon. I’ve completely fallen in love with my dwarf Gourami I received after a friend of mine couldn’t keep...
  3. 2

    Need Proper Advice after Petco Misinformation

    Hi! I am so new to fish keeping. So humbled. I have always wanted to keep an aquarium since I was a little, yet never had time to invest as I knew it was a lot with water changes and testing. As its on my bucket list, I was inextricably drawn to buying a six-sided 30'' tall 30 gal tank at a...
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    30 Gal Cycling Questions

    Hello all! I have 2 goldfish in a 10 gallon tank at the moment. I ahve had them for over a year, I recently bought a 30 gallo tank for the critters. I am using unergravel filters and have 20 lbs of gravel in the new tank. It has been full since June 21st.  I have not added any cycling...